2010 BlueBroward.org Membership Drive

Please tell your friends about BlueBroward.org and why they should join. Tell them about the Calendar, the Community Blog, and the Campaign Listings, and tell them we need more activists and more campaigns registered and participating in this online community for the 2010 campaign cycle.

Or tell me I’m all wet, if you don’t really believe those things. But I’m hoping enough of you will see the value in what BlueBroward represents to encourage your friends to sign up. BlueBroward’s continuing mission is to grassroots provide organizing tools for Democratic activists and campaigns in Broward. Nothing more, nothing less.

All that’s required for registration is an email address. Oh, and you have to solve one of those “type the hidden message” riddles to prove you’re a real person and not a spam robot (sorry, but those robots are a pain).

See the how to category on the blog for guidelines on how to post events, campaign listings, and blog entries.


David F. Carr, webmaster, david@bluebroward.org

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Author: David F. Carr

BlueBroward webmaster