How to Share/Delegate Editing Rights for a Campaign, Club, or Organization

BlueBroward allows officers and representatives of Democratic clubs, allied groups, and campaigns to appoint multiple editors for their event listings and related information. For example, both the president and the secretary of a club could have editing rights on this system. A candidate might create a campaign profile but then allow a campaign manager to also update the campaign profile and post campaign-related events. For a campaign, this includes rights to edit the campaign profile listed on our campaigns page, as well as any campaign events.

This can be useful as a way to hand off responsibilities when people come and go, or for people to back each other up when someone is on vacation or tied up with other responsibilities.

If you are registered as the representative as an organization or campaign, there will be a Share/Delegate option on the main menu after you log in, as shown below.

Share/Delegate option on menu

If you’re not already registered as an editor for campaign or organization, this option will NOT appear on the menu. Contact if you need help getting access rights to listings for an organization or campaign (for example, if the person who was previously in charge has gone AWOL).

The Share/Delegate screen includes a listing of the BlueBroward users who currently share editing rights to the same campaigns or organizations as you.

Current Editors

To add someone to the list, scroll down to the bottom of the screen, where you will see a drop down list of the campaigns and organizations for which you have editing rights. Add the email of the new person into the blank and click “Submit.”

Adding an Editor

If the email you entered is associated with an existing member account, that member will be added to the list of editors, and the individual will receive an email notification.

If the email is not associated with an existing member account, the system will create an account, assigning a random user password, and send that person an email notification.

Note that these email notifications are sometimes stopped by spam filters, so it’s a good idea for you to also send a personal note telling the person what you have done.

Two other points on this process:

  • It’s probably better to ask those you want to assign editing rights whether they have accounts on BlueBroward in advance and encourage them to get one if not. Have them tell you what email they used for the registration, and use it to to add them as editors. I’d recommend that over relying on the automatic registration feature, partly because it allows them to register the account with the email of their choice if, for example, they would prefer to use a personal rather than a work email address.
  • The automatic registration also sends a message asking the person to confirm membership on the email list. They won’t be added to the active email list until they confirm. Of course, for the automatic registration to work at all, you have to make sure there are no typos or other errors in the email address you provide.

Author: David F. Carr

BlueBroward webmaster

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