When To Add an Event vs. a Blog Post on BlueBroward

Because this is a point of confusion for some members, I wanted to clear up the difference between an event and a blog article on BlueBroward.org.

This website is best known for its event calendar, and all members are invited to post relevant events. I provide some additional features to the leaders of Democratic clubs and allied organizations, but these are mostly to make it easier for people to post recurring events.

A couple of years ago, I converted this site to run on blogging software called WordPress, which makes it easier for members to post opinion articles and carry on discussions through the website. The editor for blog posts and the editor for events use the same basic user interface, with buttons for marking text bold or italic and for adding links.

The major difference is that blog posts are displayed with the most recent posts shown first. So blog posts are shown in reverse chronological order.

Events, on the other hand, are shown are shown in the order that the events are coming up, starting with today’s date. When you add an event to the calendar, make sure you set the event date and time in the control panel below the main editing area.

In general, I’d ask you to put information about your events in the event listings. After you have a great event, come back and post a blog article with photos and commentary to show people why it’s worthwhile and important to get involved. Also use the blog to give your take on important issues like healthcare reform, tax policy, war, peace, and effective tactics for organizing. Democrats are supposed to be the party of ideas, and I invite you to share your best ideas here.

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Also, as we get into the next campaign cycle:

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Author: David F. Carr

BlueBroward webmaster