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All members of are invited to post events of interest to the community of active Democrats and share opinion articles on the community blog. You can, for example, post your endorsements of candidates on the blog. Candidates are also welcome to post campaign profiles.

BlueBroward is intended to be a self-service tool, meaning you sign in with a password and post your own events or other items. I will occasionally post items I receive by email, but the most reliable way to place a listing is to do it yourself. As the volunteer editor and operator of the site, I reserve the right to remove inappropriate posts, but I have rarely felt the need to do so.

I’ve included links to some instructional articles below. It’s not supposed to be hard. If you run into technical difficulties, I’ll do my best to help. If you’re a Democratic Club officer who is just not comfortable with posting material to the website yourself, I recommend you delegate this task to another member who is.

If you don’t know your password, you can reset it here.

Event Posts vs. Blog Posts

There are two major types of content you can post to the website. If you want something to show up on the event calendar, post it as an event. Make sure you set the event date and time in the control panel below the main editing area.  If you want to post an opinion article, make that a blog post. An email containing all the event listings that are in the database as of Sunday at 10 a.m. goes out once a week. Links to the latest blog entries are also included in that email.

For more details:

Video: How to Post Events to the Calendar

These are general instructions on posting an event. Any member can post events to the BlueBroward Calendar. There are a few extra options available for members who are registered to edit the events for a Democratic Club or other organization that holds regular meetings (see How to Post and Maintain Club Listings). But these general […]

How to Post and Maintain Club Listings
This is an update for Democratic club presidents and other people who hold official or unofficial meetings in support of the Democratic cause on a regular basis. When an organization registers with BlueBroward, I create an event template that includes the name of the organization and boilerplate details like the regular meeting schedule and meeting […]

How To Post to the BlueBroward Blog

Every BlueBroward member is invited to share opinions, criticisms, candidate endorsements, and tips for more effective organizing on the BlueBroward Community Blog, either regularly or occasionally. I reserve the right to edit or delete postings at my own discretion, but my goal is to encourage discussion, not to be a censor. Posting a blog is […]

How to Post a Campaign On

Just as any member can post events or blog entries, any BlueBroward member can post a campaign listing. When you log in, you should see Post a Campaign Listing as one of the first options on the welcome screen or “Dashboard.” Click there to display the data entry form. (The “Edit Campaigns” button on […]

How to Share/Delegate Editing Rights for a Campaign, Club, or Organization
BlueBroward allows officers and representatives of Democratic clubs, allied groups, and campaigns to appoint multiple editors for their event listings and related information. For example, both the president and the secretary of a club could have editing rights on this system. A candidate might create a campaign profile but then allow a campaign manager to also[…]

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  1. Cynthia Busch is who we need as Chair of the Broward Democratic Party. I am supporting Cynthia and you should too.

    The Broward Democratic Party (the Democratic Executive Committee or DEC) election is December 9, 2012 (details below).

    Cynthia Busch, Democratic Area Leader of Plantation, leads highly effective Democratic voter registration, get-out-the-vote, phonebanking, petition gathering, and volunteer training, election work. Cynthia Busch embedded herself and worked day and night, elbow-to-elbow, with volunteers and Organizing for America (OFA) staff, to elect President Barack Obama in 2008, and reelect the President in 2012.

    Cynthia Busch has been successful in electing Mayors and other local Democratic officials. Cynthia’s hands-on and steady guidance focuses on results. Any election day, if you want to know where Cynthia is, she’s at the polls or more likely canvassing. Any election, she has been working door-to-door with volunteers, and at phone banks for months beforehand.

    Cynthia Busch surrounds herself with highly qualified, hard-working people such as Alan Ehrlich, Rick Hoye, and many others. She leads by example and by delegation. Today’s resurgent Democratic grassroots activism springs from Cynthia’s volunteer work as a DEC Committeewoman and Area Leader of Plantation, and has reached across much of Broward County. This grassroots activism should become the renewed Broward Democratic Party, to strengthen Broward’s Democratic vote turnout, to elect a Democratic governor in 2012, and to increase the Democratic ratio in the legislature.

    Cynthia Busch’s plan for strengthening the Broward Democratic party includes bringing the Party into the 21st century in technology while making human contact and interaction the heart and soul, restoring committees, earning the trust to win the vote, raising funds to open an office that will be utilized to elect Democrats, empowering leaders who reflect our community, responding positively to new ideas and concerns, and never having conflicts, special interests, or goals other than to the Democratic Party and to the election of Democrats.

    Cynthia is supported in her Democratic volunteer work by her husband Steve Busch who is an inventor, stock broker, and small businessman. They have two young daughters. Cynthia is not a lobbyist and does not do paid campaign work. She is a delight to work with and is perfect for Chair of the Broward Democratic Party.

    Cynthia has my vote and I ask you to vote for her.

    Phil, 954-579-3932
    Broward Democratic Committeeman, precinct T027
    837 SW 120th Way, Davie, FL 33325

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