For School Board: Robert Mayersohn, Robin Bartleman, Franklin Sands

Although I don’t have endorsements to make in all the upcoming races, I want to give my highest recommendation to three school board candidates — Robert Mayersohn, Robin Bartleman, and Franklin Sands.

Robert Mayersohn for School Board District 4

First, I want to recommend my friend Robert Mayersohn for School Board District 4. District 4 covers Coral Springs, where I live, as well as Parkland and Tamarac. There are several other high energy candidates in this very competitive race, but I believe Robert is the one with the most relevant experience and the best temperament to make a difference on the school board. Having raised a son who was born with cerebral palsy and guided him through the services available through the Broward County Schools, Robert is probably best known as an advocate for the disabled. One of the main things he learned from his personal experience was how to make needed changes in the school system – not by yelling and screaming, but by working the issues methodically and with determination.

I know Robert doesn’t want to be pigeonholed as a one-issue candidate, however. As a parent activist, he has served many volunteer advisory positions with the schools, taking on the broad issues of budgeting and governing education in this county. He has gone to Tallahassee to fight the good fight. After many years as an activist and volunteer, he wants a seat at the table – an opportunity not to just advocate for education, but to have a vote and make the choices that make a difference.

Robert knows how the system works (and how it doesn’t), and he is the candidate best equipped to go to work immediately as an effective school board member.

If you live in the district, please vote for Robert. If you know people who live in the district, please encourage them to vote for Robert and help his campaign. Because I’m working with him on some online stuff, I should also put in a plug for and

Robin Bartleman for School Board Seat 9, At Large

Robin Bartleman is an incredibly dedicated school board member, who has held one of the at-large seats on the board since 2004. A former teacher and assistant principal, she has a legendary record for service to schools throughout the county and for constituent service. In a few important situations where we had trouble with the school system that we couldn’t resolve any other way, we asked Robin for help, and she made a big difference. My wife and I think the world of Robin, and we would walk across hot coals if that was what it took to get her reelected.

Robin is such a hard worker that it’s hard for me to imagine her not being reelected, but she does face a serious challenge this year. I encourage you to give her your support any way you can.

Franklin Sands for School Board Seat 8, At Large

Franklin Sands, a former Democratic Leader in the Florida House, is running to win the other at-large, county-wide school board post away from Donna Korn, who was Gov. Rick Scott’s appointee to the board following a resignation. Need I say more?

Bumping a Scott appointee out of office is probably reason enough to vote for Sands, but he also makes a good argument that his legislative experience will allow him to be more effective dealing with those issues that require negotiating with or wrangling with Tallahassee.

Election Facts

The primary election and the other August votes for school board, judge races, and county constitutional officers is coming up on Aug. 14. Early voting started Aug 4 and continues through Aug. 11 (see details).

Any member is welcome to post to this community blog with endorsements or recommendations. Although I don’t like to play the censor, I’d encourage you to offer your opinions in a spirit of healthy debate, emphasizing the positives of the people you recommend rather than trashing their opponents.

Author: David F. Carr

BlueBroward webmaster

3 thoughts on “For School Board: Robert Mayersohn, Robin Bartleman, Franklin Sands”

  1. It may sometimes sound like some candidates are being trashed simply because of the facts about them. If you want this blog to be strictly PR for Democrats and not criticism and analysis that sifts through the doubts and rumors that have been expressed leading up to Election Day, then you can make that an official policy.

    I don’t think it actually serves people well, however, to just pretend that Broward County isn’t one strange planet. We can compliment and talk up the candidates we support all we want, but such assertions aren’t actually as effective to those voters who remain concerned about what they’ve heard about so-and-so here and there. I think that it’s better to sift through the details, the backgrounds, the reputations and the motives of each candidate so that, I hope, readers will better understand what the Sun-Sentinel this morning doesn’t understand regarding Granteed & Israel: you gotta pick one. The most effective way to do that, I’ll posit, is by weighing all the negatives between the candidates for a race and reaching a realistic conclusion that recommends one of them.

    We should, I believe, be honest about the doubts and the dissension engendered during these campaigns as well as the perception that our choices are not getting better and are perhaps getting worse. Serving in elected office can be not fun, and the benefits are too often perceived only by those who get elected and then maneuver their elected positions to create perks to their liking via lobbyists and using name recognition to try to jump into other seats.

    Lois Frankel, for example, is a “career politician” who has engendered respect and a lot of successes. Others running in this primary are not of her caliber. Some of the strange histories and the questionable motives, however, offer an opportunity for political analysis amongst Democrats in Broward.

    Some may consider such an analysis to be “trashing.” I don’t. If you want one perception of what ballot recommendations are about, then you should make that an official policy.

  2. My editorial policies are posted here –

    You’re welcome to offer strong opinions, including negative ones. I reserve the right to delete posts that I consider inconsistent with the mission of this website, but so far I’ve never actually done so. (I’m not counting the couple of times the blog got spammed and I had to delete advertisements unrelated to Democratic politics.)

  3. David, thanks for your input. Any help we voters can get, especially for judicial, school board, and other lesser known races is welcomed in order to balance out with established sources like the Miami Herald and the Sun Sentinel.

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