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Making Florida a Blue State, One Election at a Time

October 17, 2010

Be patient- learn the issues carefully- weigh all the arguments… and don’t vote yet!

Filed under: Broward Democratic Party (DEC),Campaign News,Opinion — Andrew Markoff @ 5:18 pm

Early voting starts tomorrow, October 18th. Around 20,000 Floridians have already voted via absentee ballot (and Florida law does not require any voter requesting an absentee ballot to actually be absent from their voting precinct). Many people are eager to vote, or they’re eager to just get it over with.

Let alone the candidates for federal and state offices, there are also local candidates to choose from for county and city seats, and then there are the amendments, judicial candidates and other ballot issues, and I want to stress to you that just about all of the ballot items are complex. Reading the ballot items or coming across a few editorial opinions or political discussions are not going to provide enough information and perspective for most of the issues on the ballot. Some of the issues seem to make sense to many voters, but the ramifications and the political realities actually make most of the issues much less obvious than I think many people realize.

WPBT Channel 2 has been covering the candidates, amendments and other ballot issues this past week, and “Issues” host Helen Ferre isn’t done yet with her program’s coverage. Michael Putney has yet to complete his own coverage of the candidates and ballot issues on his Sunday program, “This Week in South Florida.” He’ll be continuing his interviews, editorial opinions and coverage over the next two weeks.

You can watch Helen Ferre’s interviews regarding ballot issues here:

Well before the last primary, a friend of mine had received her absentee ballot and asked me for recommendations. After carefully studying the issues and the candidates, I put my recommendations in writing, but it was already too late for her. Despite never following politics, let alone much news, she told me that she had gone ahead and voted anyway: “I just did the best I could,” she said.

A friend of mine recently asserted that if people could vote a year in advance, they would as soon as they received a ballot in the mail. If we could vote in candidates permanently, many people, he said, would just pick up their pens and start scratching away.

I want to urge everyone who checks into Blue Broward to or looks to the politically informed for recommendations to please… be patient! You do not have to vote as soon as you receive your ballot or within days after the early voting polls locations open. If you feel perfectly confident in your choices and you strongly believe in voting well ahead of Election Day, that’s your choice, but I’m apparently the only person who’s speaking up to say- hold off! Don’t vote yet!

Things change in the weeks before Election Day. New information comes out. Local coverage of ballot issues hasn’t been wrapped up yet. The issues may be much more complex than you realize, and there are likely, I believe, considerations that haven’t occurred to you until you hear new arguments. Scandals break out. News can be dug up after ballots are mailed out and early voting has begun. Opinions and recommendations can change.

There used to be something called Election Day, don’t ya know, and most people went in person into a voting booth. It’s been done. I think there’s good reason to wait and hear out all of the arguments and the analysis.

I will be posting my voting recommendations, but the pressure I feel to get them posted by tomorrow seems unreasonable to me. I hope that those of you who haven’t voted yet will take heed of the opinion regarding the ballot that I’ve confirmed thus far: it’s too early to vote on such complex and important issues. So, please, consider waiting a little while longer until at least more local coverage of the ballot issues have been discussed in our media.

There was a lot of enthusiasm for the last presidential election, and the presidential campaigns went on and on and on and on, at the total cost of what- a billion dollars? (Actually, estimates have been even higher). The mid-term elections are not going to have that kind of turnout, and whatever reasons have been purported for having two weeks of early voting for both the primary elections as well as prior to November’s elections are, I suppose, just beyond me. I think the length of time for early voting in this cycle is excessive.

To ensure that you do get to vote, and in order to avoid unforeseen problems in either getting to your polling place or being allowed to vote, it is a good idea to vote prior to Election Day, if you can, so that any unexpected problem with your registration or logistics of getting to the polls might be worked out before Election Day. But so early? Mailing in a ballot weeks ago? I don’t get it, and I don’t recommend it.

I recommend that you follow as much of the local and national coverage as possible over the next two weeks, look for my recommendations if you care to, and vote closer to Election Day. I’ll be putting all of my recommendations together as soon as possible, but for right now, the day before early voting begins, I think it’s just too early to confirm all of my decisions. I’ll be holding off at least a few more days, and I hope that you will, too.

August 15, 2010

Marleine Bastien for Congress- We Will Win BIG!

Filed under: Campaign News,Health Care Reform,Jobs,Opinion,Volunteers Needed — Andrew Markoff @ 11:16 am

Marleine Bastien’s campaign for Congress to replace Kendrick Meek representing District 17 first came to my attention when she was being considered for endorsement by the Miami chapter of Progressive Democrats of America. PDA is an activist group that focuses on endorsements, rallies and protests that involve the like-minded: those who focus on progressive causes within the structure of the Democratic Party. Marleine Bastien has been a community organizer as well as an activist, however. Organizing communities means reaching out to and involving groups and individuals in a wide spectrum of knowledge and beliefs and getting them focused on how they can effect improvements in their daily lives through social programs and political participation.

For the past 30 years, Marleine Bastien has been deeply involved in efforts to improve the lives of her community both as a social worker at Jackson Memorial Hospital and as the founder of Haitian Women of Miami, along with her participation in activism in Florida and in Washington D.C. In reviewing the answers in her questionnaire submitted to PDA’s Miami chapter for an endorsement consideration, Bastien demonstrated her commitment to progress on issues across the board, from her objection to funding for continual war to her support for equality for the gay, lesbian, bi-sexual and transgendered community (GLBT).

PDA Miami voted to extend their endorsement to Marleine Bastien, and PDA in Washington then launched their efforts to publicize and support Bastien’s campaign. I attended Democratic club meetings and candidate forums throughout the district in order to personally speak with and hear the views and positions of all of the candidates. One forum that I could not attend on a Thursday afternoon last week was made available on-line. Hosted by Michael Putney of WPLG’s Channel 10 at FIU’s North Campus, the forum included all the candidates in the race for District 17’s Congressional seat- almost a dozen of them. All of the candidates are highly accomplished. Some of them are currently serving in elected office in Tallahassee. Several of them are highly educated, including one candidate serving on the Miami Gardens city commission who has an Ivy League education. All are impressive and are likely capable of holding a higher elected office. For Ms. Bastien, there was a lot of competition to impress the audience and to demonstrate her knowledge and her capabilities. The video of the candidate forum at FIU can be seen here.

Even before that forum was held, I had spoken personally with Ms. Bastien and seven other candidates and reviewed the positions and the qualifications of each (Shirley Gibson, Mayor of Miami Gardens, still does not have a working link to her “Issues” positions on her website). I had already committed myself as a supporter and a volunteer for the Bastien Campaign for Congress, and I had visited the campaign office and made calls to voters. There was much left to learn about all of the candidates, however, and one of them even stopped by my house when he was in the neighborhood. Bastien had performed very well at the candidate forums I had attended in Highland Oaks and Miami Gardens, but the race for District 17 has a particularly large selection of candidates to choose from.

Well, the forum held at FIU was the largest thus far and included those who have had much higher profiles than the others because of a personal fortune (“I’m Rudy Moise, and I approve of this message.”) and a unique persona (big, sequined hats, specifically). Watch the video, however. It’s just over an hour long. Marleine Bastien blew the rest of them off of the stage, and the audience clearly knew it.

Bastien responded as everyone else was expected to in regards to support for Israel, yet she was the only one to answer, “However…” when she announced that it is imperative that all sides come together to commit to and plan for “lasting peace.”

Each candidate was asked to label themselves politically, i.e. a “conservative,” a “liberal,” a “progressive,” etc. One declined to choose any label but declared himself simply politically involved. Several more chose “centrist,” including one of the applicants for an endorsement from Progressive Democrats of America. Marleine Bastiene declared herself, of course, a “progressive” who is proud to have the endorsement of PDA as well as the National Organization for Women (NOW).

Bastien is the only candidate for the district who declares her determination to divert the tens of billions of dollars being spent on war and military operations overseas towards putting resources where they are really needed in the district: schools, jobs, protecting our environment, improving infrastructure and providing health care. Most of the other candidates in the race declared their intentions to continue funding for war in Afghanistan.

Marleine Bastien’s vision for holding a Congressional seat is less in line with the powerful moneyed interests in Washington and more representative of the citizens on the ground. Those are the people hoping for true leadership that fights for their interests in District 17 and in the nation. All of the other candidates in the race appear to dream of being an accepted and respected member of the establishment in Washington. Marleine Bastien is determined to take on the establishment and earn the lasting respect of her constituents in her district by fighting for their true interests.

Every day last week I went to the polling place in my area to campaign for the candidates I support. On the weekend, the Rudy Moise campaign continued to demonstrate Dr. Moise’s personal fortune by not only running frequent TV commercials in which the candidate does not speak until the end (“I’m Rudy Moise, and I approve of this message.”) and sending glossy mailings, but also by erecting a giant tent under which paid supporters handed out fliers, barbecued hot dogs and blasted music and pre-recorded announcements for their big-money candidate via giant loudspeakers piled on top of one another.

Despite such efforts to gain name recognition with slick and frequent advertising along with loudspeakers and hot dogs, Marleine Bastien has moved to the lead position in a poll commissioned by Florida New Majority. Bastien’s surprising and gratifying lead is a result of her meeting the needs and expectations of voters in the district who are seeking leadership and attention to values that represent progress and truly rational priorities. They want the interests of working families and individuals who are struggling to improve their daily lives and their communities to be put ahead of the interests of industries that profit from war and from moving jobs away from home and from disabling the power of the voters to attend to their own needs and to securing their rights.

There’s so little leadership in American politics now, and yet that’s exactly what Marleine Bastien is about. True leadership. The vibrance of her personality and her skill in organizing communities for direct action, including her involvement in helping to craft legislation with her political allies for the benefit of the people she’s been fighting for over so many years is what has led to the attention and the admiration that she’s achieved in this race for District 17’s Congressional seat.

Her lead is slim and tenuous, however, because other candidates have a lot of money to spend and entrenched political interests to placate. Despite Bastien’s previously lower profile and her modest campaign funds compared to other candidates in the race, the Marleine Bastien Campaign for Congress has been remarkably impressive. Her campaign’s determination and ability to reach the public, to create a viable message and to portray an image of Marleine Bastien in a crowded race has been thoroughly professional and effective.

She needs your help, however. Get to know Marleine Bastien. Watch the video of the candidate forum moderated by Michael Putney. Meet the candidate. Visit her campaign office and the campaign website:

It’s also vital that you make an immediate donation to help in the last days of the primary election campaign cycle, talk to your friends and neighbors about Marleine Bastien and, of course, VOTE!

It’s so important that Marleine Bastien wins the seat to represent District 17, and it’s so possible. Help make it happen. Support Bastien. Talk about Bastien. Vote Bastien. Get involved in getting a true leader and a true representative of her community nominated to the United States Congress on August 24th.

Marleine Bastien told the audience at her most recent candidate forum that should we elect any of the candidates for District 17, we will win. If we vote for Marliene Bastien, she said, however… “You will win BIG!” The audience roared their enthusiasm.

She’s right. It’s time for our district to WIN BIG with a true leader who has been endorsed by Progressive Democrats of America and The National Organization for Women and who has led and fought for her community over many years that have gained her profound respect from community leaders.

Vote for Marleine Bastien in the Democratic Primary election and help to ensure that everyone that you know in District 17 does the same.

August 13, 2010

Support Dan Gelber for Attorney General

Florida is facing serious challenges in the coming years:  cracking down on public corruption, ending the proliferation of pill mills, going after con artists who prey on seniors, putting criminals and street gangs behind bars, fighting mortgage fraud and taking on BP.  Florida’s next Attorney General will be responsible for all of these, and there is only one Democratic candidate with the broad legal experience to meet these challenges: Dan Gelber.

Dan was born into a family of public service – his father was a prosecutor and judge, and his mother was a public school teacher.  After graduating from law school, Dan followed the path of public service and was appointed one of the youngest Federal prosecutors in America.  He served as an Assistant U.S. Attorney for nearly a decade and managed hundreds of attorneys in the Miami office while prosecuting thousands of cases – the only Democratic candidate with actual jury trial experience and management experience.

Later, Dan served as Chief Counsel in the U.S. Senate’s investigations committee, tracking down international terrorist networks all over the world.  He investigated the Oklahoma City bombing, the Atlanta Olympic bombing and the Japanese subway attacks, among other cases.

In the Legislature, Dan spent eight years in the Florida House, including a term as the House Democratic Leader where he fought for Democratic principles as one of the most effective Minority Leaders ever.  Shortly after 9/11, he was chosen by the Republican leadership to write most of Florida’s domestic security and terrorism laws.  He is currently a State Senator representing Miami-Dade and parts of Broward County.

Dan has been endorsed by Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz, incoming Senate Democratic Leader Nan Rich, Broward County Commissioner Kristin Jacobs, every Democratic State Attorney who has endorsed, the Broward Teachers Union and many others.

10 out of 10 newspapers statewide – a clean sweep – have endorsed Dan, saying:

  • “Sen. Dan Gelber…however, has stronger legal credentials and record of leadership” (Sun-Sentinel)
  • “[Gelber] is the most qualified Attorney General candidate in some time” (Pensacola News Journal)
  • “Gelber’s breadth of legal experience and superior leadership skills make him the better choice for the state’s top legal job” (St. Petersburg Times)
  • “We give Gelber an edge because of his extensive experience and leadership roles as a prosecutor and legislator” (Sarasota Herald-Tribune)
  • “Sen. Gelber looks more like Attorney General material than Sen. Aronberg” (Palm Beach Post)

The under-the-radar race for Attorney General is one of Florida’s most important, given the challenges we face.  Experience matters, and I strongly encourage you, as Broward activists, leaders and voters, to consider my good friend Dan Gelber as your choice for Florida’s next Attorney General.  Check out for more details.

The primary election is August 24th, and we need more than your vote – we need your help to canvass, make phone calls and help at Early Vote locations.  Contact me at for more details, and thanks for all that you do.

Franco Ripple, Vice President of Political Affairs, Broward Young Democrats

August 11, 2010

Support Dave Aronberg for Attorney General

Filed under: BlueBroward News,Campaign News,Volunteers Needed — Tags: , — Ron Mills @ 12:38 pm

“I hope you will join me in voting for my friend, Dave Aronberg, for Florida Attorney General.

Dave has the best experience to be Attorney General, as he is the only one in this race who actually worked in the AG’s office.  He served under Bob Butterworth as an Assistant Attorney General in the economic crimes division, where he took on consumer fraud and financial scams.

As a White House Fellow, Dave served as a Special Assistant to the Secretary of the Treasury Department for international money laundering, including the laundering of terrorist assets.

Dave’s experience in protecting public safety has led 18 Democratic Sheriffs to endorse him.  In fact, every endorsing Democratic Sheriff has endorsed Dave in this race, making the count 18 to 0.  Dave also has been endorsed by the Fraternal Order of Police and the Police Benevolent Association, making Dave the clear choice of the law enforcement community.

For the past 8 years, Dave Aronberg has distinguished himself as State Senator, where he has been called the “strongest consumer advocate” by both the Sun-Sentinel and Fort Myers News-Press, and a “fierce consumer advocate” by the Tampa Tribune.  He has gained national attention for his work to keep our streets safer from sex offenders and has passed landmark legislation that safeguards our privacy from the growing threat of identity theft.

See for yourself at <> why Dave Aronberg is the best choice for Attorney General.  Our state needs real change, and Dave will be the one to shake up the status quo.

The Democratic primary election is August 24th – so please spread the word!


Ron Mills

Please help Dave out at the polls for early voting and election day. Email or Call Ron Mills

August 8, 2010

Kendrick Meek Campaign Appeal for Volunteers (Reposting)

Filed under: Campaign News,Volunteers Needed — Tags: — David F. Carr @ 9:45 am

From: Abe Dyk <>
Date: Sun, Aug 8, 2010 at 9:34 AM
Subject: On the ground

 With just 16 days until the August 24 primary, it’s all hands on deck.

We know you have done so much already, but with so little time left, we can’t let up. I am telling you — what we do on the ground over the next week will be the difference between victory and defeat.

Our dedicated army of grassroots activists has been on the ground for months, but they need help to get the word out about Kendrick before next week’s primary. I wouldn’t ask if it weren’t so important. Will you join our team of volunteers?

Click here to join our thousands of volunteers and help Kendrick in the final stretch.

Over the next 16 days, our volunteers are going to make over 120,000 phone calls and knock on over 65,000 doors. Together, they are making sure voters all across Florida know about the only real Democrat in this race — Kendrick Meek. They are also making sure voters know that Kendrick has been endorsed by papers all across Florida including the St. Petersburg Times, Palm Beach Post, Pensacola News Journal, Naples Daily News, and Sarasota Herald Tribune. The endorsements lauded Kendrick saying he has a “commitment to the state,” is “a loyal Democrat,” has a “grasp of the issues,” and “shares [Democrats’] ideas and beliefs.”

The bottom line is, the more undecided voters hear about Kendrick, the more they want to join our campaign. We need your help to reach these voters. But Florida is a big state, and we’ve got a lot of ground to cover. With tomorrow marking the start of Early Voting, the timing couldn’t be more critical.

Together, we can win on August 24, but you are part of our plan for victory. We can’t leave anything on the table.

Click here to sign up to volunteer today and help us get out the vote.


Abe Dyk
Campaign Manager

P.S. Our field plan is just one part of our overall strategy. We have an aggressive TV buy planned, but we need to have the funding to implement it. It is critical we match our efforts on the ground with ads on the air. If you make a contribution today, not only will you help us raise critical funds, but you will also be automatically entered to win a chance to meet President Clinton at a private reception on August 16. Click here to contribute.

July 22, 2010

Meek Looking, Sounding Stronger (Thank You, Jeff Greene)

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Kendrick Meek looked and sounded like a much stronger candidate for U.S. Senate when he came to visit the Broward Democratic Party this week. One of the criticisms of Meek as a candidate is that he has never been tested in a tough campaign, since he basically inherited his U.S. House seat from his mother. But billionaire carpetbagger Jeff Greene has done a lot to change that, as has the advent of Gov. Charlie Crist as a wildcard third-party candidate in the race.

Meek knows he has to fight now, and he is sounding more convincing when he says he can and will win. I’d seen him speak at a poorly attended rally in Plantation just a few weeks ago and was underwhelmed, so the contrast was striking. The Sun-Sentinel’s Anthony Mann heard the change in tone, too:

Meek told the Democrats that Greene’s advertising hasn’t won him the election.

“After $7 million of advertising that you’ve been watching over the last several week’s, my opponent’s negatives are higher than his positives,” Meek said. “We have not run a 15-second radio ad yet. And I’m still three points ahead.”

Meek arrived at the Democratic Party meeting from the airport. Earlier Tuesday he spoke to the Senate Democratic Caucus in Washington, D.C.
His 10 minutes of remarks were more animated than many of his speeches earlier in the campaign, and he got two standing ovations from the Democratic activists.

“I am the real Democrat in the race,” he said.

“Democrats, I need you right now. This state needs you right now. And regardless of the money that’s going to be involved in this campaign we have to show the country when you have four major candidates, including my opponent, and I’m the only one who hasn’t run as a Republican in the past, that’s a no brainer. That’s no brainer,” Meek said.

He was referring to Republican Marco Rubio, no party affiliation candidate Charlie Crist, and Greene, who ran for Congress as a Republican in California. Crist was a Republican until he left the party. (Kendrick Meek says he’ll have ads on television within days, possibly sooner)

Meek has also been doing some of the right things all along, such as using a petition drive to qualify for the ballot as a way of building grassroots support along the way. Assuming he wins the primary, he will fill face a tough challenge in the three-way race with Crist and Republican Marco Rubio. But he is looking more like he knows how to win it.

July 18, 2010

News Roundup from Florida Democratic Party Fundraiser

Filed under: Campaign News — David F. Carr @ 9:39 am

Miami Herald:

Democrats raise $700K for state party at Hollywood dinner

Some 1,300 Democrats attended a dinner that raised more than $700,000 for the state party.

With Florida in the throes of the wildest and most wide-open election in decades, Democrats girded against a Republican-friendly political climate and gathered Saturday for one of the state party’s most successful annual fundraising dinners.

About 1,300 officeholders and activists attended the dinner at the Westin Diplomat Resort & Spa in Hollywood, which raised more than $700,000. The 2010 election features a tight governor’s race, a topsy-turvy U.S. Senate contest and three statewide campaigns for Florida’s Cabinet.

“Folks in this room understand what’s at stake — one of the most important elections Florida has ever had,” said political consultant Steve Schale, who led President Obama’s winning campaign that registered a slew of new Democrats in the nation’s largest swing state. “We don’t have to bring out most of the [Obama] voters in 2010. Just some of them.”

Read more:

Zingers from FL Dems’ Jefferson Jackson dinner
So many speakers, so little time to blog. Here are a few memorable one-liners from the parade of candidates who spoke at the Florida Democrats’ annual Jefferson Jackson dinner fundraiser Saturday night:

— From Senate candidate Kendrick Meek: “I’ll be the only one that hasn’t run as a Republican in the past.”

— From his opponent Jeff Greene: “We put a man on the moon 40 years ago and we’re just now inventing an electric car.” (The third Dem in that contest, Maurice Ferre, declared himself the “sleeper” candidate.)

— From congressional candidate Joe Garcia, who lambasted Arizona’s controversial immigration law: “I can assure you that I am an American citizen. I’ve got [Republican gubernatorial candidate] Rick Scott‘s hate mail to prove it.”

— From congressional candidate Luis Meurice, a longshoreman: “I will take [Republican congressional candidate] David Rivera to the woodshed. That’s the way we do it on the docks.”

— From attorney general hopeful Dan Gelber: “I was called [former Gov.]Jeb Bush‘s chief nemesis, and I am proud of that designation.”

— From his opponent, Dave Aronberg: “They have swift boated me but I’m still standing.”

— From Alex Sink, the state’s CFO who is running for governor: “Sometimes I sit at those Cabinet meetings and think to myself, ‘Who are you people? And what are you doing for Florida?'”

— And from Florida Democratic Party chairwoman Karen Thurman, after Sink had mic trouble during her speech: “Even before she’s governor they’re trying to silence her.”

Palm Beach Post:

Applause meter: Meek gets louder applause than Greene at Florida Dem dinner

by George Bennett | July 17th, 2010
HOLLYWOOD — The crowd at tonight’s Florida Democratic Party Jefferson-Jackson dinner gave noticeably louder applause to Senate candidate Kendrick Meek than to primary rival Jeff Greene when both spoke to the crowd of about 1,300. Continued


Alex Sink enjoying Republican governor primary fight
Posted by Anthony Man on July 17, 2010 06:04 PM

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Alex Sink sees a lot to like in the Republican Party fight between Bill McCollum and Rick Scott.

Sink said she’s helped by the fight for the Republican gubernatorial nomination. Continued

Kendrick Meek, Jeff Greene tone down rhetoric at Democratic dinner
Posted by Anthony Man on July 17, 2010 09:10 PM

Democratic leaders spend lots of time Saturday talking up gubernatorial candidate Alex Sink, the big unknown is the U.S. Senate race.

The two main Democratic candidates – U.S. Rep. Kendrick Meek of Miami and Palm Beach billionaire Jeff Greene – have been blistering each other on the campaign trail. Continued

Florida House Democratic leader says it’s too early to write off Democrats chances
Posted by Anthony Man on July 17, 2010 05:08 PM

The national mood isn’t a good one for Democrats as the midterm elections approach.

But Florida House Minority Leader Franklin Sands, D-Weston, said it’s way too early to assume the Democratic Party will have a terrible year.

“On a national level, it’s anybody’s guess. On a state level I think it’s anybody’s guess,” he said in the place where Democrats from across Florida are gathering Saturday afternoon – the lobby of the Westin Diplomat in Hollywood for the party’s big Jefferson-Jackson weekend. Continued

Mitch Ceasar smells success in the wind for Democrats
Posted by Anthony Man on July 17, 2010 05:50 PM

Maybe he was breathing too much of the signature white tea scent in the lobby-atrium of the Westin Diplomat in Hollywood, but Broward Democratic Chairman Mitch Ceasar smells nothing but success for his party this fall.

Ceasar is among the hundreds of Democrats gathered for the state Democratic Party’s Jefferson-Jackson weekend of politicking and fundraising.

The event comes at a time when President Barack Obama is unpopular. Polling shows Democratic gubernatorial candidate Alex Sink is shaky. And the Democratic primary for U.S. Senate is fraying political relationships and dividing party activists.

There’s a lot for Democrats not to celebrate Saturday. But there was a lot of celebrating – and positive spinning – anyway. Continued

PBPost to Allen West: It’s democracy, not tyranny

Filed under: Campaign News — Tags: , — David F. Carr @ 9:11 am

Cribbing from FLA Politics, which picked up on this observation about Congressman Klein’s Tea Party-friendly Republican opponent.

FLA Politics: As the Palm Beach Post’s Randy Schultz recently pointed out, the tea is squirting outa Mr. West’s ears:

Last year, Col. West gave a stemwinding speech in which he urged people to “fix bayonets” and “take back the country.” It was a YouTube sensation, and brought in lots of donations. Col. West referred to the “tyranny” of the Obama administration. So we wanted to know what he considers examples of “tyranny.”

As it turns out, “tyranny” to Col. West means President Obama’s criticism of the Supreme Court during his State of the Union address. It means extracting $20 billion from BP upfront to compensate victims of the company’s negligence. It means the stimulus package, the financial bailout and the health care bill.

Tyranny? Elected representatives cast those votes. Most of those representatives will go before the voters and have to defend their records. Those who believe that parts of the health care law are unconstitutional will get to make their case in court. That’s democracy, not tyranny. In a democracy, sometimes your side loses.

Read: “It’s democracy, not tyranny

July 9, 2010

Oh, crap. Republican Allen West Has Another Great Quarter for Fundraising

Filed under: Campaign News — David F. Carr @ 6:59 pm

I take no pleasure in reporting this, but it’s the reality. Right now, a far right wingnut is doing the best job of fundraising, and even grassroots fundraising (note the reference to individual contributors, which was a point of pride for Democrats in 2008). So the question is, what are we going to do about it? Check in at to see how you can help.


July 09th, 2010

Republican Congressional Candidate Allen West (FL-22) has Record Fundraising Quarter

(Deerfield Beach, FL) Republican 22nd Congressional Candidate Allen West raised over $1.4 million during the 2nd Quarter (April-June), blowing past his previous fundraising record of $860,000. To date, LTC(R) West has raised nearly $3.5 million from over 40,000 individual contributions.

“The strength of our campaign is that over the course of this election cycle almost 96% of our donations have come from individual contributions,” said Allen West. “This campaign will demonstrate that the American people, led by the good folks here in South Florida, can elevate someone into the United States House of Representatives.”

To date, the average contribution to LTC(R) West’s campaign sits at about $85.00 per donation, bringing his cash on hand available to nearly $2.2 million.

“These fundraising numbers show that South Floridians and all Americans are fed up with business as usual in Washington,” said Allen West’s Campaign Manager, Josh Grodin. “In particular, our district has a Congressman who has voted with Nancy Pelosi 98% of the time. Citizens are tired of politicians like Ron Klein, and are looking for leaders like Allen West.”

For more information or to schedule interviews with Allen West, please contact Valentina Weis at (561) 603-8188 or

July 3, 2010

Absentee Ballot and Early Voting Options

Filed under: Campaign News — David F. Carr @ 7:00 pm

Thanks to Alan Stieb for the info I’m reposting below:

Don’t forget to vote in the 24 August Election – get an absentee ballot if you are away!

Absentee Ballot Instructions


Early Voting dates, times and locations for the August 24, 2010 Primary Election
Dates: August 9 to August 14, 2010 and August 16 to August 21, 2010

Times: 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.


Southwest Regional Library
16835 Sheridan Street
Pembroke Pines, FL 33331-2008

Miramar Library
2050 Civic Center Place
Miramar, FL 33025

Weston Branch Library
4205 Bonaventure Boulevard
Weston, FL 33332-2111

Hollywood Branch Library
2600 Hollywood Boulevard
Hollywood, FL 33020-4807

North Regional Library/Broward College
1100 Coconut Creek Boulevard
Coconut Creek, FL 33066-1647

Tamarac Branch Library
8701 W. Commercial Boulevard
Tamarac, FL 33321

Northwest Regional Library
3151 University Drive
Coral Springs, FL 33065-6134

Lauderhill Mall
1299 N.W. 40th Avenue, Bay F
Lauderhill, FL 33313-5894

Main Library
100 S. Andrews Avenue
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301-1830

African-American Research Library
2650 Sistrunk Boulevard
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33311-8658

West Regional Library
8601 W. Broward Boulevard
Plantation, FL 33324

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