The Editorial Page

Here’s the way it works, or at least is supposed to work, in newspapers:

  • Editorial content appears on the editorial page
  • Regardless of the opinions expressed on the editorial page in favor of one candidate or another, everyone’s supposed to get a fair shake in the news pages

On, anything that appears in my blog or any other blogs here that takes sides in, for example, a Democratic primary is “editorial page” content.

The campaign and event listings that appear elsewhere on this Web site are more like “news” content, presented without bias. In fact, it’s not a perfect analogy because most of those items are submitted by the campaigns themselves or by local Democratic groups. Really, what I’m trying to offer here is more a set of communications and community building tools than an editorial product. But the point is, this is supposed to be a level playing field for any legitmate Democratic candidate, regardless of whom I or any other “editorial page” writer might favor. The only bias here is supposed to be a bias in favor of Democratic victory.

Is that clear enough?

Author: David F. Carr

BlueBroward webmaster