Campaign Sign Up feature – New & Improved

One of the original goals of was to allow members to create volunteer profiles that they could share with campaigns they wanted to support. This feature has never been used as much as I’d like, but I still have high hopes that it could be useful as we go into the Fall elections and gear up for 2008.

The idea is that your profile is supposed to be a sort of volunteer resume, with the essential information about how to contact you as well as a summary of your skills and the issues that matter to you (your selection of the checkboxes in the issues section of the profile also feed the “Top Issues” section on the home page). So in this respect, BlueBroward is supposed to function sort of like one of those career Web sites where you prepare an electronic resume that you can submit to multiple employers.

The “New & Improved” part is that I’ve worked on making the system easier to understand and easier to use.

The new Campaign Listings page features a bright red white-and-blue “Join Campaign” button.

Campaigns Screen Shot

Clicking on that takes you to the sign up screen —

Campaign Sign Up Screen

— and I’ve added an opportunity to add a message to the campaign up top. If you’re already a member, I ask you to login first. Once you’ve entered your password, you’ll be returned to the campaign signup screen with your profile filled in:

Campaign Sign Up Screen

So at that point you would make any updates, maybe add a message to the campaign (like, “The next couple of weeks would be good if you’d like me to go door-to-door or do phone banking, but after that I’ll be on vacation”) and click Submit.

The campaign will then get your information via email, with a cheery “Here’s someone who wants to be part of your campaign!” at the top.

So that’s the big idea here. It was inspired partly by the experience I had (and I know I wasn’t alone) finding it much harder than it should have been to volunteer for the 2004 Kerry-Edwards campaign. I got the impression that the campaign, or the party, or maybe both, weren’t very organized. So with the encouragement of some other grassroots workers, I set up as a way for the volunteers to organize themselves.

Now, I don’t mean to reopen arguments about what went wrong in 2004 and whose fault it was. Maybe there were just too many votes aligned against us, and nothing anyone did in Broward County would have made a difference. Let’s just make sure we’re as organized as we possibly can be going into these next rounds of elections. I’m doing my part to help the best way I know how.

Author: David F. Carr

BlueBroward webmaster