Best of the Old Posts

Because some of the old posts are fairly outdated now, I thought I should highlight a few that I believe are still relevant in terms of strategy for exploiting the Internet.

Political Email

Email – please identify yourself

Campaigns and other political organizations, like most organizations of every type these days, have made use of the Internet integral to their operations. But they don’t always do a good job of it. I’ve been known to make some mistakes of my own, of course, but there are certain principles …

Even Big Campaigns Screw Up Email

This is a perfect example of how even big campaigns sometimes miss on the basics of email communication. So I’m scanning through my email on a busy day, and it contains a mix of spam and commercial promotions. I make my living as a tech magazine writer, so some of …

Hazards of Email

Interesting Christian Science Monitor piece on the hazards of email miscommunication. Not specific to politics, but something to keep in mind for every kind of email interaction.

Web Strategy

The Worst Thing a Campaign Web Site Can Be Is …

…outdated. The same could be said for most Websites, political or not. But when I do a campaign Web site, I want people to come away with the impression that there’s a lot going on with the campaign, momentum is building, this is a campaign worth getting involved with or …

The Broward DEC Web site is dead again

This really annoys me. One month to the election, but you wouldn’t know it from looking at the Broward County Democratic Executive Committee website. Until recently, it hadn’t been updated since July. Then somebody posted a tiny item with a link to the AM 940 website — I guess because chairman …

Compare and Contrast – Broward Republican Executive Committee

Out of morbid curiousity, I took a look at the Republican website for the county. See the comparison:

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