Getting Republicans to Sign the Petition

In general, I am finding that redistricting reform has broad bipartisan appeal. One man who signed the other day did so while muttering darkly about how Acorn was the root of all evil, and Obama needed to be impeached (“most incompetent leader we’ve ever had”). Yes, yes, sir, just make sure you sign both copies.

I did have one guy brush past me saying, “I like the districts just the way they are.” Reminded me of people I met a few years ago, when campaigning to fix the electronic voting machines, who said they liked the outcome (Bush’s reelection) just fine, so they didn’t care if the machines might be crooked or unreliable.

Overall, however, I think that even though the Republican legislature tried to block this initiative in court, the average Republican voter will sign it happily, understanding that this is a basic issue of fairness, more than partisanship.

One argument I make is that as a byproduct of creating “safe” Republican districts, the legislature has also created “safe” Democratic districts where incumbents get a little too much of a free ride, running unopposed year after year.

But for the most part, I haven’t had to waste my breath on terribly elaborate arguments. Most people recognize that this is a common sense reform that is long past due.

Author: David F. Carr

BlueBroward webmaster