Democrats for State Offices

Thanks to Phil Busey for this summary:

State Senator Dave Aronberg has filed to run for Florida Attorney General (web site link below). This appears to be the first time since at least 1970 (ignoring 1988 which was unusual because only Secretary of State and Treasurer appear to have been elected) in which all cabinet races have been free of incumbents:

U.S. Senate:
Tyrone K. Brown, Sr. (DEM), Pastor, Cathedral of Faith Ministries in Daytona Beach
Kevin Burns
(DEM), Mayor, City of North Miami Beach
Kendrick B. Meek
(DEM), Congressman, 17th Congressional District of Florida

Joe Allen
Michael E. Arth (DEM)
Mark Shepard (DEM)
Alex Sink (DEM), Chief Financial Officer, State of Florida

Attorney General:
Dave Aronberg (DEM)

Chief Financial Officer:
(no Democrats yet)

Commissioner of Agriculture:
Eric Draper (DEM)
Randy Hatch (DEM)
O. R. (Rick) Minton, Jr. (DEM)

Webmaster’s note: None of these folks has so far posted a campaign listing on BlueBroward. All are welcome to. All it costs is a blurb and maybe a local campaign contact. Free publicity. Doesn’t anybody like free?

As the Bare Naked Ladies sing it, “Can’t even give this suff away, why would I sell it?”

Author: David F. Carr

BlueBroward webmaster