“I Don’t Want Forced Insurance”: A Letter You Can Fax In Your Name Via The Health Justice Website

You can send a fax in three simple steps via the website of Health Justice. There are several subject lines to choose from in regards to health care reform, each taking a different angle and priority. In regards to David Carr’s latest post on the subject here on BlueBroward.org, here’s one of the letters on the Health Justice website at www.1payer.net that pretty succinctly addresses a counter argument to what David wrote:

Mr. President and Legislators,

You have enunciated two principles of health reform. Both are based on a flawed understanding of what Americans need and want. Clearly you have been sheltered for too long in Washington.

The first flawed principle is the mistaken belief that Americans want to “keep the plan they have.” Nothing could be farther from the truth. I have been insured and I most decidedly DO NOT WANT to keep the plan I have. The health insurance companies are middlemen that tack a 15% “handling fee” on top of everything. The insurance company tells my doctor how she can (and cannot) treat me. The insurance company haggles with my doctor and me over payment of bills. The insurance company denies care with even the flimsiest excuse. How can you possibly believe that Americans have any desire to keep any health insurance company in business?

Allied to this ludicrous notion that any American “likes” health insurance that makes every effort to fleece us is the equally ridiculous notion that the Massachusetts forced insurance model is working or can ever work. Open your eyes, Mr. Legislator. Forced insurance is failing the people of Massachusetts. They face the choice of $800/month premiums for completely inadequate health insurance or being criminalized for not paying this outrageous premium. What kind of choice is that? Are you prepared to criminalize the choice of 50 million people who cannot afford or don’t want to boost the profits of health insurance companies by buying egregiously expensive and totally inadequate insurance policies?

The only real solution is the one that you and everyone else knows is the real solution; you are apparently too afraid of the insurance industry to recognize it. The only real solution is Expanded and Improved Medicare For All, similar to what is proposed by HR 676. Have some courage. Become a leader. Vote for what is right, not for what is wrong.