Wanted: Self Starters

I want to encourage you to go looking for events Organizing for America happening related to the health care reform push at http://www.broward4obama.com/myboevents

Just remember, if you do not see something going on in your area, there is no reason you can’t make something happen. You can organize your own event and post it to their calendar (and I encourage you to also cross-post to BlueBroward). You can find many of the informational resources you need to set up a canvass or petition drive right on the O for A website. Or you can contact the regional organizers to set up something a little more organized.

That contact information, if you need it, is:

Robyn C. Donaldson (Robby)

Regional Field Director- Broward & Palm Beach County
708-915-9385 / ofadonaldson@gmail.com
Organizing for America (OFA)
Democratic National Committee

If you lead a busy life and find it hard to make the time, I sympathize, and the truth is I’m not doing as much as my conscience would like, either. But if we all find a way to do something for the cause, we’re more likely to achieve it.

Author: David F. Carr

BlueBroward webmaster