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Update June 6, 2010: New instructions available here. essentially offers free advertising to candidates to help them promote themselves and their events, and recruit volunteers. So I’m puzzled that more candidates don’t take advantage of it. Part of it may be that some candidates don’t know about it, or their campaign staffs don’t. Maybe some are leery of aligning themselves with some political faction represented on this website. But really the only institutional bias here is toward greater grassroots involvement and energy in Democratic politics.

Frankly, although I would like to have more campaigns represented here, I don’t have time to go chasing them down for the sake of this volunteer venture. But I encourage you to talk to your favorite candidates about BlueBroward as a resource.

Any member can register a campaign on the website. I just ask that you do it with the permission and knowledge of the campaign. If you get my emails but don’t remember your password, there is an “Email My Password” function on the login page to let you recover it.

Campaigns and their supporters are also entitled to post any and all events to the BlueBroward Calendar and to post entries in the community blog. I reserve editorial control, but I have rarely even been tempted to delete something a member has posted.

Just today, I made a couple of changes to the campaign registration form to try to make it easier for members to complete. Essentially, I’m looking for the name of the campaign, the office you’re seeking, a brief blurb about the campaign, a link to your own website if you have one, and contact info so volunteers know how to reach you.

The link to the campaign registration form is at the top of the campaign listings page.

The register campaign form itself looks like this:


Once you have created an event, you can return to this page at any time to update the listing.

Also, at the very bottom of the page, there is an option to “Delegate/Share Responsibility” that you can use to allow another campaign representative to edit the campaign profile or post events on behalf of the campaign.

If you try it, and it’s not as easy as I say it is, feel free to contact me with questions or complaints.

– David F. Carr,, 954-757-5827

Author: David F. Carr

BlueBroward webmaster