Sen. Bill Nelson on his vote for the public option

Bill Nelson wants everyone to know that he cast a vote in favor of a public option for health insurance in the Finance Committee and is hoping for it to make it into the final bill that will be presented on the Senate floor. Since he was much more noncommittal in his earlier statements on this issue, I think the people who called and wrote his office over the past few weeks made a difference.

Dear Mr. Carr:

I’m writing you because I know that you’re interested in health care reform.

There’s been a lot of confusing information flying around about the latest developments on health care reform. Most of the media is declaring as dead the idea of a public insurance plan. They’re wrong.

A public insurance plan may be down, but it’s not out.

As The New York Times reported on Wednesday, the Senate Finance Committee rejected two Democratic proposals to create a government insurance plan to keep private insurers in check.

Leadership tells me one of those plans, by Senator Schumer, still has a shot at being included in the final bill. And that’s the plan I voted for. I believe it offers help for consumers through fair competition to private insurers.

While it was defeated in the committee by 13-10, Senator Schumer promised right after the vote he’ll keep fighting to get his proposal in the broader health care bill. He’ll have my continued backing.

We’re going to keep fighting to make health insurance available and affordable for all Americans.

Senator Bill Nelson

Author: David F. Carr

BlueBroward webmaster