News Analysis Roundup on Saturday’s Health Care Vote

So the Senate is moving forward, and once again congrats are due to all the grassroots activists who have been keeping the pressure on. Still, it’s a little unclear how much it really means, given the procedural hurdles that still lie ahead and the shakiness of the support from the likes of Sen. Lieberman. If I understand this right, the reform forces beat a filibuster to block the start of debate but could still face one to block actual progress toward vote?

Huffington Post:

Ryan Grimm: Sealed With A Kiss: Dems Unite To Beat GOP Filibuster

Mitchell Bard: It’s Too Early to Celebrate the Senate Health Care Vote

New York Times on Blanche Lincoln:
Senator Cements Role at Heart of Health Debate

Here is the basic NY Times news story and one about the procedural maneuvering ahead

Ron Brownstein of The Atlantic calls Sen. Reid’s version of healthcare, which many progressives see as too deep a compromise,
A Milestone In the Health Care Journey. The Atlantic is also running a poll asking How Important Is the Vote?

Author: David F. Carr

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