I will probably announce this in a bigger way later in the week, after a little more shakedown testing, but has just gotten a technical overhaul. It now runs on the WordPress blogging platform, but with my customizations layered on top.

As I said, I’m still testing it out, so let me know if you run into something that doesn’t work properly.

I’m hoping this will prove better in many ways, particularly in terms of being easier to use for people who post events frequently, such as Democratic club officers. Also, by having one common “dashboard” or control panel for both blogging and event management, I’m hoping to encourage more people to share their thoughts on the ┬ácommunity blog. There was a flurry of activity here around healthcare reform a few months ago, but the integration I had at that point between the blog and the rest of the website was kind of clumsy. I don’t think most people even knew it was there.

One visual change you will notice is that the links to log in or to register have been moved to the top right corner of the screen.

New Home Page

When you are logged in, the menu changes to show member options for posting or editing material to the site:

The login page looks a little different, but there is still an option to get a password reminder if you’ve forgotten your login.

Login Page

The really significant changes show up when your password is accepted and you wind up at the main dashboard giving you all the options for your account and for any campaigns or clubs you are associated with.

Member Dashboard

A lot of the basic functions are essentially the same, but I’m using the WordPress tool to organize them better. The rich text editor widget that is shared between the blog editor and this new version of the event editor also does a better job than the one I was using previously.

Here is what that looks like:

Event Editor
Event Editor

The Posts menu section at the top left hand side of the screen is where you access the functions for posting or editing your blog entries.

On the bottom left, there are Edit Calendar and Edit Campaigns menus for BlueBroward-specific functions. The main Dashboard screen also lays out the most important functions and an index of your own events and campaign listings.

If you are a Facebook user, you can use a feature called Facebook Connect to log yourself into BlueBroward more quickly. Click on the Profile Tab on the left hand menu, and one of the options you will see is a Connect to Facebook button.

Set Up Facebook Connect

Once you’ve made the connection, you can log in on your next visit by clicking the Facebook Connect button on the log in page.

Facebook Connect Login
Facebook Connect Login

Check it out and let me know what you think.

David F. Carr, 954-757-5827,

Author: David F. Carr

BlueBroward webmaster