Formerly Known as the Tamarac Democratic Club

An insider controversy over the decertification of the Tamarac Democratic Club has broken into the media. The question is whether Mitch Caesar, chair of the Broward Democratic Party, acted because of egregious violations by the club or because of personal grudge against Patty Lynn, who had been elected president of the club (in an election Caesar has challenged as illegal).

From Bob Norman at the New Times, you can read an account titled Down With Ceasar. As you can tell from the headline, he is skeptical of the accusations made by Mitch Caesar and sympathetic to the appeal by the Tamarac Democratic Club (a.k.a., the organization formerly known as …)

From, an account more critical of the club by Buddy Nevins (formerly the Sun-Sentinel political columnist):  Tamarac Democratic Club Killed By State Party

Attorney Randy Fleisher is representing the Tamarac club and has field a grievance addressed to the Broward Democratic Executive Committee, the Florida Democratic Party, and the Judicial Council.

Author: David F. Carr

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2 thoughts on “Formerly Known as the Tamarac Democratic Club”

  1. Do the Democratic Clubs serve any purpose in Broward County? The Nevins articles suggests that they used to, at least in the case of the Tamarac club, but no longer. This conclusion would be consistent with what I observed during the Obama campaign. There were plenty of mobilization and GOTV activities, but none of them depended on or even engaged the local Party’s own clubs. We were ignored. Completely.

    I don’t know if it’s Mitch Ceaser (he uses that weird spelling), but something’s severely dysfunctional in the Broward Party. We hold a majority here, so hooray for us, but the local party as a set of institutions for motivating and organizing political participation seems ingrown, senescent, and sclerotic. Participation needs to mean something for the clubs not only to remain viable but to grow and be the vital grassroots elements of the Party that presumably they are supposed to be. I mean, you would think that Democratic clubs would be all about grassroots outreach and ferment. The Democratic Party should be all about the demos, right? But at this point I’m not sure that participation means much or that the larger party gives a damn about people on the club level. If they do, you can’t tell it from the clubs.

  2. Some clubs are much better and more active than others. I don’t know about the Tamarac club, but the North Broward Democratic Club is another one that got de-certified this year over some paperwork dispute, and they seem to be very active and well organized.

    I’d certainly like to see more focus on building up organizations that are actually organized to make a difference on behalf of the Democratic cause.

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