How to Post and Maintain Club Listings

This is an update for Democratic club presidents and other people who hold official or unofficial meetings in support of the Democratic cause on a regular basis.

When an organization registers with BlueBroward, I create an event template that includes the name of the organization and boilerplate details like the regular meeting schedule and meeting place. This doesn’t stop you from posting events on a different schedule, or a different place, but my intention is to make it easy to confirm a regularly scheduled meeting and add details as necessary. (If you need me to create a template or update a club template, please contact me at as right now I don’t have it set up so you can do that yourself.)

In this example, I’m logged in as Larry Wanderman, one of the leaders of the Wyndmoor Democratic Club. The “Dashboard” of options that welcomes me is displaying options that are available to all BlueBroward members (such as the ability to post blog entries). But it also includes a section specific to the Wyndmoor club.

Club Officer's Dashboard

The club normally meets on the first Tuesday of the month, and the website will automatically project the right date for that schedule if I choose the month and click “Add Date.”

Add Regularly Scheduled Meeting

This brings me to an event editor page with the name of the club filled in as the default headline and the regular date and time filled in. The event has not been recorded at this point, but I can now fill in the specific details and save my work.

Event Editor

Once I click “Submit,” the event editor displays a message saying that the event has been saved, along with a link that allows me to view it as it appears on the website. If I see something I want to change, I can make further edits and submit it again.

Event Saved

It’s a good idea to view the published event to make sure it is displayed properly. Sometimes, if you did a copy and paste from a word processing file or an email, you may see a little bit of garble or some unwanted line returns that you would want to go back and clean up. If so, you can click the back button on your browser to go back and make more changes.

Viewing Your Event

Also, if you return to the member’s Dashboard, or log back in another time, you will see that your event now appears on that main Dashboard screen, giving you the option to edit it or delete it. The event shows up under the section for the club and also under My Events (which would also include any other events you might have published separate from club activities).

Updated Dashboard

Author: David F. Carr

BlueBroward webmaster