Ron Klein: Keep West off the podium and in the audience

Reposting this, from Congress Ron Klein, because I think it’s really important that we win this race.

Dear David,

Make no mistake: my opponent isn’t simply attempting to bring his radical and dangerous views to Congress – he’s attempting to make himself a national figure and leader of the Republican party.

With the recent announcement that 2012 GOP Convention will be in Florida, the Washington Post suggested that Allen West could be a potential keynote speaker. The National Republican Congressional Committee is already supporting West, a self-declared “right-wing extremist.”

This the same person who has said, “I hate big-tent. I hate inclusiveness. And I hate outreach.” He has literally encouraged physical intimidation as a political tactic – saying this to supporters about me: “You’ve got to make the fellow scared to come out of his house.”

Help us make sure that the only seat Allen West gets at the convention is in the audience.

Reject West’s Tea-Party, Palin-esque politics – Donate to our campaign today!

It’s often the case that elections are between two people with essentially similar views… the differences in the margins of issues. This isn’t one of those races.

Allen West and I couldn’t be more different. This is truly a race that divides on tremendous ideological ground. He may make for great TV – but West’s positions are simply dangerous for our health as a country and our standing around the world.

Donate today – and send a message to the GOP that West is a tremendous boost – for Democrats.

Thank you as always for your support,

Congressman Ron Klein

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Author: David F. Carr

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