How to Post Events to the Calendar (RSVPs Optional)

For an updated guide, see this video.

Most of the information below is still valid, but the screen shots of the event editor are outdated.

These are general instructions on posting an event. Any member can post events to the BlueBroward Calendar. There are a few extra options available for members who are registered to edit the events for a Democratic Club or other organization that holds regular meetings (see How to Post and Maintain Club Listings). But these general instructions also apply to them.

Links to the screens for posting blog entries, events, and campaign listings are displayed on the main “Dashboard” that welcomes you after you log in.

Member Posting Options on Dashboard

Click “Post an Event” to display the event editor screen. Here, you can set date and time, the headline for your event, and a description.

Headlines should include the name of the organization or campaign. Descriptions should include directions to the event location and contact information for someone who can answer questions about the event.

Event Editor Form

The event editor includes standard controls for making text bold or italic, etc.


It’s possible to add images or upload a PDF of a flyer that will be linked to your listing. These features are more thoroughly documented in my article on how to create blog postings. Please be sparing in the use and size of images, if any, within your listing, as I don’t want the listings to be cluttered up by a lot of large images.

Often, you may want to add a link to an external website, perhaps to a page associated with online RSVPs or donations related to your event. You do this by highlighting the text you want to appear as a link and clicking the chain link icon.

Adding a Link

Enter the web address you want to link to and click Insert.

Once you are finished adding details to your event, click “Submit” to record your event. If all goes well, you should see a confirmation like the one shown below.

Confirmation Message

I recommend clicking that “View Event” link to make sure your listing has been recorded correctly. If you see something you want to change, you can click your browser’s Back button to make more changes. Or you can return to the member’s Dashboard, look for the event you created under “My Events” and click the link there to edit it further.

Advanced Topic: Collecting RSVPs Through BlueBroward

BlueBroward includes a feature for collecting RSVPs on your events. This is optional. Most clubs don’t ask for RSVPs on their regular monthly events. Other event organizers may instead want to link to an RSVP page on a campaign website, or Facebook. There’s nothing to stop you from doing that.

But BlueBroward does have this functionality built in, for those of you who might find it useful. Just check the Collect RSVPs checkbox to display the relevant options.

RSVP Options

You must provide one or more email addresses where we can send RSVP notifications. By default, the email address associated with your BlueBroward account will be displayed in that spot.

You can also enter additional instructions, and a confirmation or thank you message to be displayed after someone completes the RSVP form.

When RSVPs have been requested, a link to the RSVP page will be displayed below the headline and title for your event, as shown below.

Event with RSVP

This is how the event would show up on the Calendar page and in the email roundup of events.

When someone clicks the RSVP link, they will see the event displayed on its own page, along with the RSVP form.


Members who are logged in will have their names and email filled in automatically on the form. People who are not BlueBroward members can still RSVP, and they will be given the option of registering with the website at the same time.

When someone RSVPs, you will receive an email notification.

A summary of the RSVPs is also displayed at the end of the My Events listing on your member dashboard, as shown below.

Events and RSVPs Listed on Dashboard

If anything in these directions is unclear, please let me know what you find confusing so I can figure out a better way to explain it.

— David F. Carr, webmaster,

Author: David F. Carr

BlueBroward webmaster