Standing Room Only at Congressman Klein’s Kickoff

This was good to see, an overflow crowd of supporters coming out to cheer on Congressman Ron Klein as he officially kicked off his 2010 re-election campaign. The event at the new Broward campaign headquarters, 623 North Federal Highway, Pompano Beach (Map), followed two other kickoff events at the parts of his district that reach up into Palm Beach County.

Standing Room Only

The Man Himself
Overflow Crowd

I actually have no idea what his speech was like, when he came to address his supporters. By that time, my kids and I had been crowded out of the room, which was now so overflowing that we couldn’t get back inside if we wanted to. I was out with the people who joined in the applause occasionally, even though we couldn’t hear what was said. And that was okay, because we didn’t need to be convinced.

I’ve supported Ron Klein since his first winning campaign for Congress in 2006, when he knocked out 13-term Republican incumbent Clay Shaw. Because it is a swing district, and Ron faces a candidate with backing from the Tea Party / Sarah Palin fringe of the Right Wing, we need to work extra hard this year to keep him in office.

Ron Klein impresses me as a good, decent man. Although he will be demonized by his opponent as a wacky leftist, my impression is he is not particularly ideological. That’s fine with me. But I think he works really hard and tries his best to do the right thing.

That’s all I ask for, and yet it’s all too rare.

Please do what you can to ensure Congressman Klein’s re-election.

To find out how you can help, contact volunteer coordiantor Anthony Morse by June 10, or 561-995-9626 or visit

Author: David F. Carr

BlueBroward webmaster

2 thoughts on “Standing Room Only at Congressman Klein’s Kickoff”

  1. As someone who was in the room you may be glad you were outside; we were packed in like sardines and soaking wet from the heat; but what enthusiasm. Ron’s son, Brian, introduced our candidate and he has matured so well over the past two years. Good parenting should be included in the brochure. I was most impressed by the motorcycle escort (all veterans) and the work Congressman Klein is doing to support our veterans. Now we must knock on doors, make phone calls and do all we can to make sure we return this excellent public servant to Washington.

    Sarah Brown, Precinct 47C Broward County Committewoman

  2. Yeah, sometimes there is a gap between the people who will turn out for the parties and the people who actually work to get a candidate elected. But I saw a lot of good volunteers in that crowd, and I’m glad to see them getting involved in this important race.

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