Coverage of Hands Across the Sands Protest Rallies

Sun-Sentinel: Hundreds gather at Fort Lauderdale beach for Hands Across the Sand protestPhoto Gallery and Reader Photos

Miami Herald: Gulf oil spill spurs both veteran and novice activists and Hundreds protest offshore drilling on South Beach

CBS4: Slideshow

Hands Across the Sands in Ft. Lauderdale
Hands Across the Sands Ft. Lauderdale
The Answer to Drill, Baby, Drill

Photos: courtesy of Ken Evans

Author: David F. Carr

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2 thoughts on “Coverage of Hands Across the Sands Protest Rallies”

  1. I keep asking the question……………Mr Rauschkolb and Mr Tilson are both in the business of media filming. Mr Rauschkold promoted this protest and Mr Tilson is following along. But what are they doing with the tapes, photos, etc they have taken at these events? Are they selling them to someone, are they getting paid for them (that is their business, you know) and are they in turn paying the protestors they have brought together for filming?
    Mr. Tilson is a political activist and his business is the media. What is his REAL agenda, his REAL motive? Is it money? Is he setting himself up to run for office in Florida? Are these guys creating drama, filming it as a spontanous event and then using it to further their own ends? An opportunist is not always to be trusted.

  2. Responding to the first post, it is always hard to say what true motivations people have for their actions.
    It isn’t unreasonable to wonder what those reasons may be, but, in this day and age, the media is undergoing a great change and the ability to capture good quality video is within reach of almost anyone who chooses to spend $160 to purchase a FLIP Video camera.
    Does it matter what Dan Tilson or Mr Rauschkolb have in mind or, is it more important,that hundreds of Americans came out to display their anger and desire to have change in this country and make companies like BP accountable for the damages they wreak on the rest of us.
    If someone was “setting themselves up to run for office” their timing couldn’t have been worse because this event was about 8 days after the State of Florida ended Candidate Filing.
    I understand many people see conspiracies in almost everything they view.
    Perhaps in this case, the motives of the political activists are more or less hiding in plain sight.
    Political activism is what they do, and recording the historical evidence of each political event is how they hope to finance their lifestyle.
    It’s free enterprise, free speech, freedom of association, and freedom of assembly, totaled together with freedom of the press.
    Wow! Five Freedoms being practiced simultainiously! Someone call Guinness!

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