Advertising and Paying the Bills

I just reactivated the Google ads that appear on, and immediately up popped ads to vote for Rick Scott and Jeff Greene.

Rick Scott ad
Yikes! Cheek to Jowl with Rick Scott

This is through the Google Adsense program, which is supposed to match advertisements with relevant comment. Apparently the software figured out this was a political site pretty quickly, but not necessarily what partisan frequency it’s on.

Mismatch or not, the ads will remain, for now as I need to try to raise a little money to cover the cost of the email broadcast service I’m using and a few other expenses. BlueBroward isn’t a moneymaking venture, but I don’t want to lose money on it, either. This kind of advertising doesn’t necessarily bring in a lot of money, but at this point I’ll take what I can get. Also open to a sponsorship for the BlueBroward Sunday email – although I would prefer to sell it to a business, rather than a campaign.

After mulling it over, I decided to move the ads to the bottom of the page so they wouldn’t be quite as prominent (and I wouldn’t have to look at Rick Scott’s bald head popping up right next to my face).

Meanwhile, feel free to click on Jeff Greene and Rick Scott ads to drain some dollars from their campaign accounts. Just don’t vote for those guys.

Author: David F. Carr

BlueBroward webmaster

One thought on “Advertising and Paying the Bills”

  1. Don’t worry, Dave, we see those ads on all the progressive sites. I’ve begun to think of them as rather amusing, thinking of all the site posters laughing at the latest Sarah Palin promo that pops up. It’s sort of a little reminder of how big and important the fight is, just so we don’t start thinking the rest of the country actually thinks like we do. 🙂

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