Enough with the Mindless Backlashing

Retain Jennifer Gottlieb as our County-wide, District 8 School Board Member

It is tough being an incumbent during hard times.  The sharks see an opportunity to exploit and draw blood, too often without any real solutions or new ideas.  Two candidates for the School Board appear to be just exactly of this ilk that we just don’t need. Spoilers more motivated by the prospect of self-gratification than a willingness to work with the Board member who may best represent their concerns. 

Susan Madori is a Tea Party carpet-bagger from California just arriving in Plantation in 2002 with a background in real estate. Divorced, no children and never ran for public office. Is there a qualification here? She does have a pocketful of catch phrases and she wants us to have better text books to teach American history. I can only imagine….  Enough said about this one.

Nick Sakhnovsky is the union backed representative. Coming off the near likelihood of teacher layoffs, I can imagine that the union wanted their own white night. Mr. Sakhnovsky seems to be running for the position of union toady on the School Board. The little that I have been able to glean from the writings about Nick is that he wants to attack the school board that he seeks to join: “more sunshine!”; “more accountability with teeth!”. Gee, such a new and innovative campaign issue for Broward politics. The creativity and lack of self interest is just so refreshing (not!).

It is a pure truth that all three candidates, Gottlieb, Midori and Sakhnovsky oppose the prospects of cuts to elective programs that are the heart and soul of a good well rounded education. These programs include art, music, physical education and librarians. Gottlieb, with two young boys in the public schools knows the importance of these programs very well. She went to Tallahassee to fight the Legislature’s budget cuts and the cap on School Board taxing authority. 

If there is blame for the  $140 million in budget cuts for the education of  our children, look to our State Legislature. The injustice is in having to make decisions that will create a balanced budget that necessarily will diminish the quality of education that our children will receive. Jennifer Gottlieb has been there to fight for our kids  as teacher, parent and advocate.

The difference between Jennifer Gottlieb and her opponents is that she has been out there as a public figure and current School Board Chair to serve the needs of our community. It is that public presence and leadership role that makes her an attractive target for any nuts or opportunists who may seek their day in the sun. Her support over the years for a strong program of innovative and effective public education is well known.

Put aside the current political blood lust that will deprive us of a very competent educator/advocate. Jennifer Gottlieb has been highly respected for her dedication to Broward County education and for her role of public service as a member of the Broward County School Board. Retain Jennifer Gottlieb as our County-wide, District 8 School Board Member

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