Looking for Speaking Opportunities

I’m interested in speaking in front of any group, political or business oriented, on techniques for using the web, email, and social media effectively. For Democratic groups and clubs, I can also give a tutorial on the free services available through BlueBroward for promoting campaigns, causes, and events.

I don’t deny that there is some self-promotional aspect to this, as I’m looking for consulting work. But I’m also good for some free advice, based on my consulting experience, campaign experience, volunteer projects, and my writing for Forbes.com, Internet World, and Baseline Magazine.

Author: David F. Carr

BlueBroward webmaster

One thought on “Looking for Speaking Opportunities”

  1. Hi David ! I’m sorry that I did not interact more with you to earn your endorsement. Now I’m putting together a return to Radio & TV. I hope you’ll check out my credentials in Strategic Planning. I’m committed to Alex Sink becoming Governor of Florida !

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