Endorsement: Dave Thomas, School Board District 4

This is my personal endorsement for Dave Thomas for School Board District 4. I voted for another candidate in the first round of voting back in August, but in some ways regretted not voting for Thomas, whom I had learned to like and respect. In this runoff election, I believe Thomas is the clear choice.

You can learn more about him at http://www.davidthomasforschoolboard.com/ (although he doesn’t win any awards for web design). He became a teacher after a career in the Navy and a stint with the Broward Sherrif Office. If elected, he will be stepping down from his role as a history teacher at Taravella High School.

Dave Thomas has the intelligence, experience, independence, and integrity required for the job. I strongly urge you to give him your support.

Author: David F. Carr

BlueBroward webmaster

4 thoughts on “Endorsement: Dave Thomas, School Board District 4”

  1. When an allegation like this is made a few days before the election, leaving no time for the facts to be sorted out in court, you have to make a judgement based on the credibility of the candidates. I’ve seen Jaime in action over several years, and I simply didn’t believe her.

  2. I will always regret not having known about and attending that debate. From the descriptions of her in the comments section on Bob Norman’s column, I am curious about what’s she’s like. Sounds like a personality, for sure. But the anonymous comments story and his weird avatar- well, that was disturbing.

  3. You are clearly a liberal who doesn’t care about integrity. What about Jim Waldman and his nig fat LIE about where he resides and where his homestead is filed? They investigated and found that he does not reside in his district and yet he gets to keep his position and his homestead?? ANd of course the guy he supposedly lived with got fined….hmmmmm great pick!!!

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