CHESTER JUST, Candidate for DEC Area 4 Leader

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I am a candidate  for Re-election as DEC Area 4 Leader.  The election will be at a regular DEC Meeting at 7:00 P.M. Tuesday, February 15, 2011. Deicke Auditorium, 5701 Cypress Road, Plantation.  I ask for your support.  The rules require your  personal presence.

Area 4  consists of all precincts in Coral Springs (E-003 thru E-043) and Parkland

(Q-040 thru Q-046).
Facts –  about the position of Area 4 Leader:
1.   I have served as Area 4 Leader for the past 2 years.
2.   The election is limited to DEC Precinct  Committeepersons  who appear  at  the election in
person.  Proxies are not permitted.

3.  I have  reasons for seeking re-election:  I will continue to  be an effective voice in the DEC  with definite proposals to advance and strengthen our party. I am open to your suggestions.

a. Serve  as a voice for  liberal and  progressive Democratic positions  on political  issues.  Protecting advancements in Health Care reform.  Defending Social Security from privatization. Ending our engagements in futile foreign wars.  Investing our resources in job-creating infra-structure projects.  Moving Florida from the bottom of the list in education funding.  Enacting more favorable labor laws in Florida. Support of EFCA. Seeking a more progressive taxing system based on ability to pay.  Closing down the SOA.  Protection of choice in reproductive rights.  Promotion of  Civil Rights and Civil Liberties.  Work to nominate and elect candidates who support these goals.

b. Politics.  The DEC must bring out the vote and support Democratic candidates – but it also has an obligation to provide its members with a forum, a sounding board – a means to be heard – on vital social and political issues.  Your voice counts.

c. Specifics.  I would like our party to consider seeking partisan municipal elections – so we know if we are voting for a Democrat or a Republican or for someone who does not know who they are. I would like to see an Election Ballot set up along party lines.  We would have many more Democratic elected officials if our last ballot had been organized along party lines. I would like to see the  Democratic Party  as the primary  source of funding to run elections – rather than each candidate  currently having his or her own  separate  political organization.

d.  Positions.  These  ideas are not cast in stone.  Politics is the art of the possible.  But a journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step, and I believe that I can advance the best interests of our party.  Your input is welcome.
QUALIFICATIONS:  Labor law attorney.  Law practice and Administrative Law Adjudicator.  Liberal and progressive Democrat.  ACLU.  Anti-Defamation League, Amnesty International. SOA Watch. Gold Card (35 year) American Federation of Musicians AFL-CIO member.  FADP. American United for Separation of Church and State.   Democratic club memberships.

Thank you for your consideration.
Your calls are welcome. Chester Just  (Committeeman Pct E-13)      8501 Shadow Court, Coral Springs,  FL 33071
Tel 954-971-1998 &  Fax  954-971-4838
Cel 954-464-1022  E-mail:

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