Updated Member Dashboard; Option for Club Officers to Add Multiple Dates

The next time you log in to BlueBroward, you will see an updated member “dashboard” showing all the things you can do with your BlueBroward.org account.

If you have previously published events to the site (or have editing rights through membership in a club or campaign), your event posting and editing options will be shown on the left side of the screen.

The options that apply to anyone — any BlueBroward member can post an event, a blog, or a campaign listing — are listed on the right.

In response to a request from Democratic club leaders, I’ve added the option to check off several dates and add them in one shot. When you do this, your event listings will be completed using the location and contact details set up in your club’s event template. You can then go back and add details such as the names of speakers as appropriate. An earlier incarnation of the website had this feature, and some club leaders missed it.

I have also tried to provide clear links to previously entered events so members know they can edit them rather than creating a new event. Some people seem to get confused and create duplicate entries, which I then have to go back and delete.

Member Dashboard

Author: David F. Carr

BlueBroward webmaster