Rep. Markey’s letter to Nuclear Regulatory Commission etc.

Re: The Japan Nuclear Radioactive Factories Catastrophe and Political Action Plans for Florida Residents

Dear Democrats of Florida,

I am enclosing this “wake-up call” email  about the Dangers of Nuclear Radioactive Factories in the USA and highlighting the locations of Florida Nuclear Factories, by including Massachusetts Representative Edward Markey’s recent letter to the NRC (about the Dangers of the Westinghouse “AP 1000”  Nuclear Factories), and the enclosed Expert Knowledge Resources links to the Union of Concerned Scientists, and the Nuclear Information Resource Service (NIRS) which has just begun a national campaign to stop the General Electric “Mark 1” Nuclear Factories from operating in the USA etc. 

Re: The Japan Nuclear Radioactive Factories Catastrophe and Political Action Plans for Florida Residents

Having lived in Boston in the early 1970’s, I am familiar with the MIT based group: Union of Concerned Scientists:

which now has grown to 250,000 worldwide members and now has its “Daily Briefings” to the media published online in Transcript Form on their website.

And I have begun to check online for immediate concerns relevant to the U.S. Nuclear Industry

And particularly possible Political Action Plans relevant to Florida residents.


Here is a brief list of links to current Expert Knowledge Sources and Situation Reports nationally and locally:

1.     Nuclear Information and Resource Service  ( NIRS)  with the link to Rep. Edward Markey’s Letter to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, in item 2… as a PDF Document.


2.     Current Letter (March 7, 2011) from Representative Edward Markey to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission discussing the safety problems of the Westinghouse “AP 1000″ Nuclear Reactor Design before rushing to approval.

See footnote 5: The proposed sites include… Homestead, Florida (Florida Power and Light  Company’s Turkey Point site) and Levy County, Florida (Progress Energy Florida, Inc.’s site)



3.     Florida Nuclear Reactor sites:

      including Hutchinson Island: Port St. Lucie, close to West Palm Beach, Florida. Etc.


Perhaps our Century Village Democratic Party Leader  and other interested friends and associates might discuss possible Political Action Plans to voice their opposition to the current Nuclear Reactors Safety Problems here in Florida, to inform Governor Rick Scott etc.

Allen Berg

New resident at Century Village, Deerfield Beach



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