Coverage of Redistricting Hearing Features Broward Activists

The Sun-Sentinel’s Broward Politics blog called out Alanna O. Mersinger for summing up the importance of redistricting reform at Tuesday’s hearing in Davie. Broward Democrats turned out to speak on behalf of implementation of the reforms approved by constitutional amendment last year, which the Legislature seems determined to sabotage.

It was crystal clear when Alanna O. Mersinger of Miramar got her turn at the mic Tuesday night in Davie at a joint House-Senate hearing on redistricting.

Here’s what she said:

I came to the last redistricting [hearing] and I said please make it contiguous, compact and the communities of interest together.
So my city, the fabulous city of Miramar, has five representatives and senators, because they cut it up like a little jigsaw.

Now my representative is a lovely man, but he lives in Collier County.

In between myself and my representative is 110 miles and about 18 alligators.

Why? What do I have in common with these alligators? Nothing.

All I’m asking for is this time when you do it, don’t take my power and disburse it. You have taken the power of Miramar, where we can really not have an impact on any of these races. We are almost a sidebar.

Give us back our power. We’re entitled to our power.

This is a democracy. I want a republic. Let me have my power back in my republic.

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Author: David F. Carr

BlueBroward webmaster