About 10 years ago, Attractive Women Promoting Conservatism Became Fashionable…

I get a kick out of Glenn Beck, but Sarah Palin from Alaska has announced she is no longer running for president.

What a class act she is. Two words for her: Cleaning service. She should open a one and call it a day. All she talks about are tax bills and scares people to death…or aims to anyway. Discussing taxes and “fiscal discipline”, Miss Palin makes the simple complicated:
Palin announcement not to pursue GOP primary

Bottom line: Different socio-economic classes value different things with religious exception. They teach this in college courses. Ideology, religion, economics in that order. Lower classes want more cash and access to benefits and social welfare etc. because they come from little.

Those in the upper classes owning businesses want less government involvement and lower taxes because they can afford benefits and don’t need to worry about paying rent. That is why a lot of Americans grow up rebellious and want world peace and to do away with social injustices and, as they grow older and earning power rises, shift focus more on economics over ideals. At this point they want to let the next guy worry about himself.

Just remember: this is nothing new…mere human nature. The Tea Party. Interview some of their members. How much you want to bet members have nice income levels, live in nice houses and are in a higher economic class? It is great to not want to fit bills for others. Let’s say I have $50, you have five and are complaining about how you need more government benefits. Why would I say, “Gee sure, I’ll chip in”? My modus operandi is keeping what I have letting everyone else worry about themselves; Darwinism in its simplest form is built into man’s DNA since the beginning of modern history.

Greed…is Good. Gordon Gekko. Wall Street, 1987.

That is how majority of humans act, like it or not. Everyone wants a bigger slice of the metaphoric pizza pie, not to slice up and give away a tasty piece to less fortunate and every Tom, Dick and Harry. But, I would love to know if the U.S. Census surveyed how wealthy Americans accumulated their money. Go watch Gordon Gekko in Wall Street. They took it out of the next guys ass most of the time. “It is a zero sum game. Someone wins someone loses.