Young Floridians Can’t Stand Politics: Five reasons they should

6 October 2011 Blue Broward Blog entry

1. social tracking
2. economics is equal opportunity racist
3. opportunity to recognize life’s potential
4. distracting/misguiding young adults with reality television and smart phones reality television, and sports
5. losing pride and sense of hope equates to disaster

Country club versus the masses. Grow up poor, criminal records, women perpetuate poorness and survival struggle by becoming pregnant in teen years (that is without economic stability).

Middle class and poor are tracked; few escape/deviate. Pawn shops and bail bondsmen immediately outside the county courthouse. Drive to 6th Street in Fort Lauderdale and observe.

Understand politics and its relativity in your daily life and concept of the following phrase: strength in numbers.

Many prefer you install a stereo in their sports car at Best Buy rather than drive your own; that you deliver the leather couch and 60-inch plasma rather than order it in the show room that morning.

Those with political power do everything to retain; nothing personal. Not malicious. Humans want the best for themselves by nature. Most would like to see everyone healthy and prosperous, however, if push comes to shove and you present an obstacle towards a Republican’s pursuit of social and economic advancement, you will be neutralized.

Political overview 101: Three government branches
1. Executive
2. Legislative
3. Judicial

Candidates run for office making above-average, optimistic promises. The general public tends to grow hopeful of the many claims for change and betterment of life. In reality, if legislative and executive branches of government do not have the same agenda, stalemate ensues as this country is experiencing at present.

The hunt is on. Not racial, personal, mean-spirited. Economic. Many will neutralize you if they can. You will labor for an owner, remain or become poor or in debt, and technology and entertainment will continue to make things appear relatively comfortable.

Politics therefore affects your educational opportunity, legal/justice system, career avenues, and essentially where you will live and what you will eat. The same goes for your family.

Interested enough now to learn more about socio-political systems and steps you can take to better your life and that of those in your world?

Speak to an intelligent, trusted friend whose opinion you value, call the Blue Broward office, talk to a government professor at FAU or another university and learn more before discounting politics as one big mess to stay out of.

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  1. “Just because you do not take an interest in politics doesn’t mean politics won’t take an interest in you.” -Pericles, 430 BC

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