Political campaign reform? I’ll take an order of that indeed

For the love of God, what might it take for a candidate to stand in front of a group of voters and declare an interest in certain issues only to follow with specific action plans and a summary of the costs and political lobbying involved in the measure?


For example, “I hereby plan to reduce crime in the city of XYZ. I will be meeting with the police chief and the county sheriff to brainstorm and come up with a plan of attack within X time frame. The estimated costs associated in term of time and money are estimated at 123”.


Problem is, these buzzwords are used to the point of dilution and voters inevitably reach frustration and disenfranchisement. If one wants to engage, they must articulate one or two key concepts and go from there instead of lobbying votes with the same old, “We want fair taxes and a good educational budget”.


Economics. It is all economics. Who gets what, how much of it and at what price.