Greater Pompano Beach Democratic Club

This month on July 26, 2012 the Greater Pompano Beach Democratic Club will be hosting it’s Judicial Forum.

This is promised to be a night of information and a night to remember. Please come and be informed.

Thank you to Mr Howard Finklestein for a fantastic job last month.

Author: Phyllis Smith

Single mother of two Penn Staters. I'm saved and believe in God. I am secretary of the Greater Pompano Beach Democratic Club and Vice-President of the home owners association in my city. I am also a very excited Florida Delegate. I make President Barack Obama one vote closer to serving his second term.

3 thoughts on “Greater Pompano Beach Democratic Club”

  1. Nothin for nothin but the rational behind your support of some of these candidates is downright scarey. Its rather frightening to see the reasoning of how, where and why democrats stand behind any one runner of elected office.

    Kinda like the “Devil you know versus the Devil you Dont”

    Fredricka Wilson? are you kidding me? Alcee Hastings? are you kidding me? You want to support them due to the overwhelming support they have by the Black community? Have you taken a look lately at South Florida’s Black community? Their unemployment numbers? Their food stamp numbers? When South Florida was in its prime job market these two numb-nuts Wilson and Hastings still had the most dismal records for taking the black community to higher self sustaining numbers and now YOU want to prolong the Misery by electing these self serving crooks Back for another round? I find it absolutely frightening guys like you put yourself in a position of an “information giant” over anyone’s vote. Someday when you get all grown up and can see past your idealism of living in a world in which “You would like it to be” rather than refusing to step into a world in which it really is”, you will regret backing some of these candidates for another long miserable blood sucking term. When the lower and middle income rise above their pathetic existing economic levels and lack of opportunities? The world will be a better place For everyone, Hastings and Wilson have extorted, stole, lied and kept their foots on the neck of this population as long as I can remember. Your just encouraging more of the same. Shame on you!

  2. Valerie it appears you have a lot to say and it sounds like hate to me. Do you have a problem with African American people holding office? I am not related to either of the people you seem to hate so deeply. Maybe you need to send your comments to them and not me! You talk about the devil it sounds to me like you are the devil and he is controlling you. Your hate message will not be repeated by me but I will repeat this……… Tell them yourself and not me. Sound to me like you are throwing a rock and trying to hide your hand. It will not be hidden behind me so your message has hit a dead-end. Shame on you for for sending such garbage to people you don’t even know. To set the record straight I hope like H_ _ _ they win every time they run for office.

  3. “Seem to hate” do you notice the leap you make? Your reply is the perfect comeback with a racial undertone aimed at me. If ya wanna do something Phyllis besides the usual “if you dont like this candidate you must be a racist crap” you may wanna reach further out of that tired old argument and realize that to rise above this “old guard” of candidates whether they be white black or purple Dem or rep. your efforts might be better served looking for younger not so tainted people who have a genuine desire to lift up the black, Haitian or any minority community by looking at colleges and or policially involved persons not yet widely known to these same communities.You have some of the best and the brightest coming out of schools with ideals and are technology savvy to reach out to these same under-served communities in a “real world” way. I never understood why that wasnt done versus this mantra of sticking and supporting with a formula of people who clearly are not gaining ground in this arena and only popping their heads out of their baskets to feed off “racial tension” or play the ” we are underserved byline in front of a camera” One would think even You Phyllis, would get sick and tired of politicos only making an appearance for a bump in media exposure. Dont play that “I am outraged, you must be a racist crap with me” you figure you’ll write this response hoping to gain points and attempt to look like a “good guy” who is so progressive and enlightened. Give me a break. Ya wanna do something, do it, but standing in support of those who have virtually used these communities for nothing more than feeding grounds is the disgrace here. That applies to all poltical parties, and quite frankly, “if you are an example of what the democratic party uses to fuel their engines”? Your gonna run out of gas very quickly.

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