Robin Bartleman, Shelly Solomon, and Franklin Sands for Broward School Board (Plus Other Endorsements)

I urge you to vote for Robin Bartleman, Rochelle “Shelly “Solomon, and Franklin Sands for Broward County School Board. I’ve included a longer list of endorsements below, but rather than make endorsements all up and down the ticket, in every part of the county, I’m sticking to writing about the races I know best. Shelly Solomon will appear on your ballot if you’re in district 4 (northwest Broward), while Robin Bartleman and Franklin Sands are running for county wide seats.

I invite other BlueBroward members to post their own opinions to this blog. I do not speak for the Democratic Party; these are my personal endorsements.

I give my highest and most enthusiastic endorsement to Robin Bartleman, who is running for reelection to an at large (county-wide) seat on the School Board.There’s no partisan dimension to this one, or to my endorsement of Shelly Solomon, because both they and their opponents are Democrats. I have nothing negative to say about the other candidates; I simply believe Robin and Shelly are the best choices.

Robin has got to be the hardest working public servant I’ve ever met, at any level of government. When the school system bureaucracy breaks down and parents call her for help, Robin makes it her business to be a troubleshooter. She will take care of the immediate problem, while also working to make the system function better. She has demonstrated the highest level of ethical standards and professionalism.

One odd partisan wrinkle: I recently got an email from someone who wasn’t going to vote for Robin because she’d been endorsed by the Red Broward blog. Well, now she’s been endorsed by BlueBroward, too. I don’t know why that Republican blog endorsed her, and I don’t care, but the important thing is that Robin has done and will continue to do a good job. To vote against her just because some Republican has said a kind word for her is “cut off your face to spite your nose” logic.

Shelly Solomon is my choice for School Board District 4 in Northwest Broward. Shelly Solomon is an attorney and former professional tennis player who has been active in the school system and the community. She served as Co-Chair of the Anti-Bullying Task Force and helped write the school system’s anti-bullying policy. You can learn more about her at I believe Shelly has the experience and knowledge to understand how the school system works and is best equipped to figure out how it can work better.

Like Robin Bartleman, Franklin Sands is running for an at-large, county-wide seat on the School Board. Sands is a former State House minority leader for the Democrats and ought to be able to use his legislative experience to help the county school board deal with the Tallahassee bureaucracy. His website is I’m recommending him over Donna Korn, who was one of Gov. Rick Scott’s appointees to fill a vacancy.

I’ve included a longer list of endorsements below. Naturally, I’m supporting the reelection of President Obama, Senator Bill Nelson, and my U.S. Rep. Ted Deutch (District 19). Here is the rest of my list, including judicial recommendations I got from polling attorney friends.

State Attorney: reelect Mike Satz

State Senate District 29: reelect Jeremy Ring

State Representative District 97: Jared Moskowitz

County Commissioner: Stacy Ritter

School Board District 4: Shelly Solomon

School Board At Large 8: Franklin Sands

School Board At Large 9: Robin Bartleman

NO on all the Constitutional amendments

YES on all the retention votes for State Supreme and Appeals court judges

Circuit Court Judge, Group 45: Julio E. Gonzalez, Jr.

County Court Judge, Group 5: Olga Levine

County Court Judge, Group 10: Roshawn Banks

Broward Soil & Water – Seat 3:  Terry W. Snipes

Broward Soil & Water – Seat 5: Wayne Arnold

Author: David F. Carr

BlueBroward webmaster

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  1. According to the Election Finance records Shelly has paid RedBroward for “mailers”. Is this the type of democrat we want to elect? A person who will pay the far right for a form of support? Being a part of the anti-bully task force is fine, but everyone is anti-bully. There is a lot more to the school board than that.

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