Endorsements for Cynthia Busch for DEC Chair from Niomi Devereux and Janet Thompson

These endorsements for Cynthia Busch for DEC chair from Niomi Devereux and Janet Thompson are reposted by permission. Niomi wrote the first as a letter to the editor in response to a Sun-Sentinel article that discussed the challenge to Chairman Caesar in dismissive terms (“every four years his enemies mobilize to oust him, and fail”).

As a neighborhood team leader for Organizing for America in 2012 and a general volunteer in 2008 and 2010, I am fully aware of who got out the vote each time. It was not the Broward Democratic party under Mitch Caesar. I am not a precinct person and have no vote, but I do know there needs to be change at the top of Broward’s Democratic party. OFA was involved in getting Obamacare passed in 2010. It was up to the Broward Dems to get out the vote. They did not. In 2012 OFA was advised that Broward needed to get at least 250,000 more Democratic votes than Republican votes as a cushion to give Obama Florida. We did that with voter registration, phone banks, door to door canvassing. The Democratic party of Broward was not a part of this year-long effort. At the very end, members of the local Democratic party assisted us. Mitch Caesar may appear on television and seem personable, but he takes credit for work he has not done. Creating a fiefdom for himself is all I’ve seen of his involvement in the local Democratic party. There definitely needs to be change. Having worked with Cynthia Busch since 2008, I know how capable, energetic and caring she is. If I could vote, she would get it hands down.


Niomi Devereux,
Volunteer with Organizing for America
863 Spinnaker Drive West
Hollywood FL 33019

I am starting my third term as a precinct committeewoman for K13 in Lauderdale Lakes. I worked with OFA, Cynthia Busch, and Alan Ehrlich registering voters, canvassing, and also some phone banking. And I do feel strongly about the work performed by Cynthia and Alan along with the OFA played a major role in the re-election of President Obama. All of the times I was working on the campaign, not once did Mitch make an appearance or offer assistance. However, he was very quick to accept credit for the success. The true DEC members knew deep in their hearts who the “feet on the street for Obama” were, and it was not Mitch! He is a lobbyist, and he uses his DEC chairmanship to further his personal career for monetary reasons. He appoints the same DEC members over and over, year after year to be a part of his management team. He is hesitant to listen to new ideas and/or recommendations. He wants to be in the spot light at all times. We need young Democrats to further our goals in Broward County. You can rest assured that I’ll be voting for Cynthia at the December meeting! Thank you, Niomi for your hard work!

— Janet Thompson

Author: David F. Carr

BlueBroward webmaster