Roy Trachtenberg: Why I am supporting Cynthia Bush

This is another endorsement received by email, reposted by permission.

From: roy trachtenberg <>
Date: Tue, Dec 4, 2012 at 6:02 PM
Subject: Why I am supporting Cynthia Bush

To my fellow Democratic Committee Members from Coral Springs

I am a newly elected committeeman who is supporting Cynthia Bush. These are my reasons:
I have meet Cynthia and I like her ideas for the Broward Democratic Party. She wants to bring the energetic Obama campaign workers into the Broward Democratic Party. I have found her to be a great organizer, communicator, and leader. I really think that her heart is in the right place.
Mitch Ceasar supported a man and woman, Eugene R. Ouellett and his wife, who do not live in my district. E020 when I ran for committeeman. Later I found out that they live in Coconut Creek. How can the leader of our party support someone who does not live in the district? How can Mitch support people who are not active in politics? Are there more ghosts that Mitch supports because they support him but do not live in the district they represent or did anything in the last election?
Mitch called for a picnic the weekend before the Presidential election. Thankfully the Obama campaign made him cancel it. That really shows poor planning. Committee people were working on the phones and canvasing. That was not the time for a picnic – really poor planning and organizational skills.
 I made up “You’re invited to vote” flyers for encouraging early voting with a list of the Democratic candidates for my area. This flyer (absentee palm card} was very effective in my area. Democrats outnumbered Republicans in absentee and early voting. One of the names on it was Mark Gendal. Mitch said that I have to destroy all of those flyers that I paid for because I could be sued – city council was supposed to be non political – And then 2 weeks later he has the blue palm card with Mark’s name. Mitch cost me time and money..
It bothered me when we, American Jews for Obama, contacted Mitch about the Republican attack on the Jewish bloc vote. His attitude was that it was OK to lose the Jewish vote. My answer was why should we lose any ethnic vote. Mitch, our leader, did not have the right winning attitude.
Please vote for Cynthia Bush. Let’s defeat Rick Scott
Roy Trachtenberg
Democratic committeeman E020
PS:  I hope to see you at Coral Springs/Parkland Democratic Club Holiday Party Thursday, Dec. 6, 7:30 PM at Cypress Hall near the  swimming pool. Remember admission is an unwrapped toy for “Kids in Distress” plus dues or a nominal charge.

Author: David F. Carr

BlueBroward webmaster