JD Camp: YOU hold the power to make the Broward Democratic Party realize its potential – your vote this Sunday

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From: JD <campjdftl@gmail.com>
Date: Fri, Dec 7, 2012 at 1:50 PM
Subject: YOU hold the power to make the Broward Democratic Party realize its potential – your vote this Sunday

Hello fellow precinct committee people –


No, I am not running for any office during the Broward Democratic Party leadership elections this Sunday, 12/9. However, I could not just sit by and not get involved with this election. I did that in 2000 – and what a mistake that was. All I did in 2000 was “just voted” and did not get involved until the recount. I spent 3 full days counting ‘hung’, ‘dimpled’ and ‘pregnant’ chads. I was such a fixture that CNN interviewed me on TV (big woop! – I agree). My point is I would never just sit back and not get involved ever again. I have been involved ever since. In 2004 and 2008 I ran the GOTV office for the gay community. It was a huge team effort and because of that, we began to make a difference. I believe we need that HUGE TEAM effort at the county level and it starts at the top with the leadership. Since I have been involved in 2000, I have not seen anything close to its potential. Broward can do better.


There are some terrific people running for leadership offices on both official and unofficial “slates”. These people are dedicated, experienced and talented team players and can certainly get the Broward Democratic Party much closer to its performance potential than we have been with the current leadership. These people deserve our attention and understanding of what they are offering us – for the betterment of the party. For 12 years I have been intimately involved with local to national campaigns and the technology and strategy of the Obama campaign of ’08 blew me away. It was leaps and bounds beyond Kerry’s ’04. I was so impressed. The Obama campaign of 2012 did not disappoint me. We have so many of you precinct people and Obama volunteers who have now intimately seen this amazing Obama Campaign (OFA) in action and it is very reasonable to expect that level of teamwork, technology, strategy and yes, effectiveness, with our Broward County Democratic Party.


Yes we won in 2012, but we only won the state with under 75,000 votes. Broward is the largest county in registered Dems in the state and we did deliver more than 263,000 extra votes, but only 13 (2 barely) out of 67 counties delivered more votes for Obama than Romney. We are BROWARD COUNTY! We can do better. I looked at the results of the 6 largest counties of these 13 and found that Broward still underperformed significantly (-21%). If we had delivered the same ratio of votes to our registration numbers, we would have delivered an additional 57,000 votes! (320,000 total extra votes for the state) That is on par with where we should have been based on our voter registration numbers. By contrast, Miami-Dade over-performed significantly by +10%!!! Speaking of Miami-Dade, they recently held their county leadership elections and I was so impressed with how many had been intimately involved with OFA and I believe they will continue to outperform. I want the same for Broward.


In our Broward organization, we have an area without a designated Area Leader. We also have Area Leaders that are not as effective as they should be. We cannot let this continue. We need effective community organizers in these positions. We need new blood! These changes must be made at the top down and we need these changes now so we are in best shape possible for the mid-terms and Governor’s race. I believe so many people have been working extra hard in Broward, and the wins here recently were in spite of Mitch Cesar and the current organization. Mitch has been taking credit for the wins up and down the ticket and I don’t think that is entirely fair. Everyone involved has something to contribute and I hope they continue to do so, but I believe Mitch’s time has come and gone. We are now at the point where we need new leadership and better organization skills. We don’t need picnics in the final weeks before GOTV in a presidential campaign! We don’t need update emails from the DEC about when Mitch will be appearing on TV or Radio next! We need organizing meetings and skills training seminars and we need to have our army in place and well prepared for the next state, national and local elections. Mitch is known for saying “We know we will be outspent, but never outworked!” I like that attitude, but I feel that it is so much easier to “outsmart and out-organize”. We should be working smarter and not harder. We can do more. We can do better.


I first met Cynthia Busch around mid September of this year, but I did not really get to know her and of her abilities until I stepped up to help coordinate our efforts at all Early Vote sites in Broward. I saw that we had a tremendous amount of blue recommendation cards available to put in voter’s hands (again, much of this was in spite of the county party leadership) but there was no apparent plan in place to make this all happen – it was all just willy-nilly! We have far too much at stake to rely on willy-nilly!!!! Well, once I stepped up and offered to coordinate this effort at the 11th hour, I received so much support and direction from Cynthia that, to me, she is the main reason why that program was successful. (all this while she continued her duties as Area Leader, canvassing, staging area with OFA and so much more – she really is amazing!) She is the main reason why we got extra votes for Obama and as importantly, we got more Democrats elected on further down the ballot than previous years. This is the direction we need to move to and now is the time. I urge you to please vote for Cynthia Busch this Sunday, 12/9 for Chair of the Broward County Democratic Party. I also urge you to consider and vote for other progressives that are not afraid of technology or teamwork but instead embrace it and understand that is how we will move forward and become the powerhouse that is the Democratic Party of Broward!


Thank you and sincerely – jd


JD Camp

Precinct Committeeman R048



Author: David F. Carr

BlueBroward webmaster