I know everyone’s way too busy working on the circular firing squad (and much much too busy to spare one kind word for anyone they don’t support for DEC leadership), but there actually is a real world out there that real people care about.

It’s a world in which several MSNBC talking heads, the Obama White House  and most if not all of our state newspaper editorial boards seem to have already decided that Charlie Crist should be the next Democratic gubernatorial nominee.

That’s the same ambiguous Charlie Crist who went from “Reagan Republican” to “Jeb Bush Republican” to “Independent Conservative” to “Obama Democrat”, from arch conservative to liberal populist progressive, in 2 brief years, depending upon which way Crist blew  in the political winds.

It’s as if these folks never heard of Arlen Specter.

Anyway, just curious – – Crist is obviously going to run for governor in the Democratic primary with the support of the New York / D.C. folks.  What do the people here think?

2 thoughts on “Crist?”

  1. I’d like to see Broward Democrats unite behind former State Sen. Nan Rich. She gave a great speech at the DEC a few months ago and showed the kind of passion and conviction that I suspect are necessary prerequisites for success.

    Perhaps Crist will turn out to be an asset to the Democratic Party in the long run, but I’d hate to see him get the party’s nomination handed to on a platter, just for changing parties. Too much like Mitt Romney, even though he’s moving left rather than right, in displaying a lack of core principles, going wherever the wind takes him.

  2. Circular Firing Squad. LOL. I did not applaud when he was on the stage at the Democratic National Convention. Out of respect for Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, I did not boo either. Charlie has been very bad for LGBT People in his time as Governor and State Senator. First, we need him to mitigate some of the damage he has caused. Then we need to talk to him about what has changed. Maybe then I might consider supporting him for something. But frankly, it is going to take some time. As much as I would love Nan to be in the Governor’s mansion, I don’t think she has a chance. Right now she is the best candidate I can root for though. Sorry, Charlie, you are not ready yet.

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