Please be honest about the choices for DEC chair

As of 12/8/12, out of a total of 1,145,856 registered voters in Broward, there are 597,460 registered Democrats, 52% of the total and more than all Republicans, all other parties and all independents combined.

On 11/6/12, 508,312 votes were cast for Obama / Biden, which was 67% of votes cast, a margin of 264,211 more than for Romney / Ryan, and which represents a staggering 85% positive turnout of registered Democrats.


There are hotheads calling for “regime change” with disproven false accusations of stolen party elections?  In fact, on this planet, there are actual corrupt dictators like Chavez and Putin who hold phony fixed elections who would be embarrassed to claim 67% margins or 85% GOTV success rates.  But in Broward, in 2012, the party actually in fact did it.

Putting aside all paid volunteers, all paid consultants, all paid mailers, all pictures with Caroline Kennedy, all infringement of OFA trademarks and copyrights, and all personal grievances, gripes, score settling, egos and ambitions, does anyone honestly believe that under any other DEC leadership the party will obtain larger margins or more successful GOTV?  You know you don’t.

2 thoughts on “Please be honest about the choices for DEC chair”

  1. “does anyone honestly believe that under any other DEC leadership the party will obtain larger margins or more successful GOTV?”

    YES. Under Cynthia Busch we will absolutely do both.

  2. You are discussing margins and percentages and turnout for a Presidential election, Barry, but where the Democrats have been slaughtered has been in mid-terms. The unpopularity of Rick Scott may bring out more voters than usual for the next mid-term, but we really do need an on-the-ground operation of precinct captains and area leaders with consistent direction to get out the vote for Democrats in every election, not just Presidential elections. Mitch Ceasar’s actual involvement in get-out-the-vote efforts has been minimal at best- if he’s done anything at all. Besides that, however, many members of the DEC let alone outside observers just do not like the idea of a lobbyist who has lobbied for the privatization of the Sheriff’s dept. and for the interests of a huge health insurance company while the nation had been seeking real reforms in health care- and not just insurance coverages. Paid, professional lobbyists and the special interests too often have too much power and influence in government, and the Broward DEC has seen way too much of that in the county as well as in the FDP. Hopefully, the slate of elected DEC leadership we have now will make a difference, and if they and we do, it will most certainly be in SPITE of Mitch Ceasar and the likes of Diane Glasser.

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