Charlie Crist and marriage equality

In 2006, Florida’s Republican Attorney General Charlie Crist signed a petition to enshrine a ban on gay marriage in Florida’s state constitution.

Thereafter, Florida’s Republican Governor Charlie Crist, as head of the state Republican Party, “helped fund [the campaign for a state] gay-marriage ban.”

“And,  he boasted about voting for it.  “I voted for it,” Crist told the Tampa Bay Times outside the polling place at the time. “It’s what I believe in.”

On 8/29/10, during his 2010 run for the U.S. Senate, self described “Reagan Republican” turned “Jeb Bush Republican” turned “Independent Conservative” Charlie Crist told CNN that he backed a federal constitutional amendment banning gay marriage.

Within one day, Crist clarified “that the governor just meant an amendment to the Florida constitution.”

Now a Democrat, Crist “regrets signing a petition in 2006 calling for a gay marriage ban in the state constitution.”

Okay – – now Crist regrets signing the petition.  But, does he regret supporting the campaign?  funding the campaign?  voting to amend the constitution?  In fact, does he still support Florida’s ban on gay marriage?   

I guess it depends.

4 thoughts on “Charlie Crist and marriage equality”

  1. The other day I heard Charlie Crist was going to throw his proverbial hat back into the ring for Governor..then I started to think about his previous tenure and how effective he was..funny, couldnt remember anything of Note..other than the world’s speculation of what team he actually did pitch for?? But since he put a (D) in front of his name, I am sure he will be remembered and promoted as if he cured cancer or something by the Left..

  2. Let me get this straight? Your pushing for Nan Rich over Charlie Crist (I get that) You go on to profile Crist short comings in his tenure in office (especially on the same sex marriage issue) but if he does ultimately become the front runner you will rally behind him :Have I got that straight”?? So what your saying is as an informed and educated voter will VOTE for the lessor of two EVILS as long as its a democrat?? Jesus Christ no wonder our country is on a downward spiral to hell. I have some advice for you. why dont you investigate the issues that any particular candidate may have influence over, see where that candidate stands on the issue, research his or her past voting record and determine if that candidate would be well placed in the postion they are looking to attain for the PEOPLE of FLORIDA! REGARDLESS of PARTY! Thats what I did my last go round, I lean to the right but there were some candidates that were democrats that I voted for due to their history and their stance on the issues. What is wrong with people like you??

  3. Val baby, the GOP will never fund a cure for cancer. So if a Dem cares about that, you should encourage him.

  4. Val does have a point. I have heard many female Dems only talk about MS Nan Rich. And that Charlie is not a life long Dem. They will rather stay home in Nov 2014 than vote for the Dem nominee Charlie. MS Rich cannot raise more than $3,500.00 a week. Fact! Her volunteers will spend that amount on pizza and soda. No money for TV ads. Dems: MONEY TALKS! Money smartly spent wins elections. Carl Rove was an idiot with his money spent on stupid GOP Senator candidates in the last two elections. GOP GOV Scott already is in office. He is willing to spend $150,000,000.00 of his own money to stay in office. The Koch brothers may give him another $100,000,000.00. Man’s volunteers will go hungry on just $3,500.00 statewide; without any campaign offices to eat their pizza in. sad. very sad.
    Val does have good points every now and then. But very far between his / her dumb comments.

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