One dog and two kids

Remember when Rick Scott latched onto a dog as a campaign prop in 2010, in an effort to prove his humanity?

And, how we laughed when Rick Scott so quickly dumped the dog after the election?

Reagan, the now famous dog that once belonged to Gov. Rick Scott, was banished from the Governor’s Mansion after biting an employee who moved his water bowl.

“The governor and first lady love dogs, and they had to make a hard decision when it was clear that Reagan was very anxious around lots of different people,” Scott spokeswoman Melissa Sellers said.

The dog bite occurred while the governor was in Orlando on Jan. 7, 2011, just three days after Scott took office, according to an incident report released by Scott’s office late last week. Mansion grounds employee Jennifer Kinsey was arranging flowers in the mansion when Reagan bit her on the right hand, according to the incident report made by her supervisor for the Department of Management Services. The report noted that the injury was not serious and required no medical treatment.

Scott introduced the yellow Labrador to Facebook readers on Sept. 7, 2010, shortly after he won the Republican nomination and before his election in November 2010. Facebook friends chose the name Reagan from a list of three choices suggested by the campaign and applauded the candidate’s decision to adopt a rescue dog.

After the bite report, Sellers said, Scott flew Reagan back to Naples on his private jet and returned the dog to All Pets Grooming and Boarding, a Collier County groomer.

Does it make you wonder about Charlie Crist’s wife’s kids, the ones he latched onto before his senate race in 2010, as proof of something or other?

The ex-husband of former Florida first lady Carole Crist has been granted full custody of their two daughters, after alleging that she abandoned them and hasn’t returned messages in nearly two years.

“She’s completely abandoned them,” Todd Rome said of his former wife of 14 years in a brief telephone interview Friday.

He said Mrs. Crist, married for four years to former Gov. Charlie Crist, has not seen or spoken to her 14- and 16-year-old daughters since June 8, 2011, and that even simple tasks like getting her signature on documents have become a challenge.

Mrs. Crist and ex-husband Rome had joint custody until Feb. 1 when a family court judge in New York granted him temporary full custody. Rome said he may seek full custody permanently. . . .

Reached by phone as he was driving with his daughters, Rome said he has no explanation for why Mrs. Crist, 43, cut off contact with his daughters. He then passed the phone to his wife of four-plus years, Vanessa Rome.

“Anything that needs a co-parent signature becomes a complete ordeal, because she doesn’t answer,” Mrs. Rome said of Mrs. Crist. Mrs. Crist used to visit her daughters every other weekend in New York City.

Mrs. Rome said Mrs. Crist had no patience for the girls any time they complained about something.

“She doesn’t like to discuss anything or be called out, so if they say anything that rocks the boat she’ll say, ‘Okay, bye. I have to go,’ and hang up.”

The former governor has in the past spoken warmly of his stepdaughters — he called them “our children” in 2009 — but Mrs. Rome said “he wanted no part of them.” When in Florida during 2010, the girls constantly found themselves bored at political fundraising events with no one to talk to. Mr. Crist, she said, also had no tolerance for any hint of unpleasant teen behavior.

“He would say, ‘I’m not coming to dinner with you with that attitude,’ ” she said. “Often they were left alone in the hotel room to order room service.”

Which do you think plays worse with the public – – returning a dog you no longer have any use for?  Or, returning two kids?

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  1. Jeez, your blog has deteriorated into a version of the “Enquire” rag magazine..with the world falling off its axis “this is what you write about”? amazing..

    Crist is a no-brainer for those of us who have lived thru his Pretend time as Governor. He is a non-starter and anyone with any sense knows it. Oh but how silly of me, if he has a (D) in front of his name, I am sure he will be close to walking on water near election time..

  2. Why hasnt your site mentioned the incident with the FAU professor Dr. Poole who had the incredible bad judgement to demand his students stomp on a picture of Jesus Christ? You write about ethics, you went out of your way to write a peice about Governor Scott’s dog, why wouldnt you write about Dr. Poole, who is also President of Palm Beach’s democratic party? What? Might not be able to put a good spin on his actions? I find this site is an ongoing attempt to put a flattering shade of lipstick on a Pig. If you cant seem to find your way to call down Dr. Poole and his actions, I dont hold out much hope to hear any outcries when American Citizens are lined up against previously dug ditches facing a firing squad for dissent.

  3. Val is in love with him / her self. Which is nice. No one else will. Dr. Poole did not hold a gun to each of his students’ heads. True? They did that all by themselves. So what is your point? God told Abraham to kill his only son. And Abraham listened and followed. I don’t think Abraham was going for an “A” grade in his class with God.

  4. Do not write about any politicians kids!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    That is a major reason why good citizens refuse to run for office. The Press believes that politicians’ kids are fair game to write about. And politicians are trying to be good parents.

    Only a true low life will write anything about politicians’ kids.

    Hell, even VAL knows better!!!!

  5. Wait my friend – Crist conveniently married a woman with two cute kids just in time for his last election and in response to certain questions raised in a fairly well received documentary about certain prominent “anti gay” politicians. Throughout that election season and in numerous political ads and appearances, we heard all about “my kids”. As soon as the election was over, the kids were apparently shipped back to their dad and the Crists lost custody (in part because all they ever did with the kids was take them to political rallies). I’m not writing about the kids – – I’m writing about the “father”.
    Let’s hold our own to the same standard we hold the other side – – if Romney or Scott abusing dogs is relevant, so is using kids as stage props.

  6. Mr. Barry Walsh, first off his name is “Mr. Crist” or “Governor Crist”. Not “Crist” Please respect the man and the office. Second, if any political article is written that includes any mention of kids, it should be finely thought out. I remember the first day MS Amy Carter went to school; after her father was sworn in as POTUS. NBC Nightly News mentioned this fact and then Mr. John Chancellor (sp?) stated: “This will be the last time we will mention MS Amy Carter.” That I admired.
    So, you saying Mr. Crist should have delayed his wedding date? Get real!!!!
    As late as 2003, the majority of Americans were against gay marriage. Now the times are different. Politicians are allowed to change their minds. Whether it is because their own beliefs have changes or that they know they have to change their stated beliefs in order to get re-elected.

    Next, Americans love to see children, (Look at POTUS LBJ’s one-time only shown “Daisy” commercial. The country feel in love with that cute, white, blond hair child.) the US flag and apple pie in campaign ads. So Mr. Crist was just sucking up to his potential voters in order to gain their votes. Nothing new in American politics.

    Were the kids ‘shipped back’ in a Fed Ex box? hee-hee

    Mr. Romney’s dog was being abused!!! That dog was being abused. That is why Mr. Romney stated he had to stop the car and wash it down. Mr. Romney’s dog was being abused and because if that he took a shit on top of the car!!! And Mr. Romney never stated he also washed down his dog. Typical GOP.

    My dear friend Barry, when you care to debate me again, please come prepared.

    So yes, my standards are clearly higher and more compassionate than yours.
    Enough said!!!

    Case closed!!!


  7. “Chain Gang” Charlie (his PR people invented that handle, so I’m sure it’s okay to use) didn’t just change his mind – – he led the (successful) effort to change the Florida state constitution, pretty much guaranteeing that Florida will be one of the last states in the union to ever adopt marriage equality.
    But, if you think the way to defeat a Tea Party Republican is by nominating a Reagan Republican, welcome to it. I’m just surprised that so many “good Democrats” have given up on electing a real Democrat.
    Personally, I agree with Harry Truman: “Given the choice between a Republican and someone who acts like a Republican, people will vote for the real Republican all the time.”

  8. Barry, I like the fight in you. The State of Florida allows amendments on the ballots. Just put an amendment together and allow the citizens of Florida to vote on marriage equity. One does not need to go thru the House and Senate.
    Again: Yup, those GOP hated the idea that Reagan was a turncoat and became a GOP. As Reagan was elected twice as POTUS as a Republican. You are more proof that if / when Charlie becomes the Dems’ nominee, most Nan Rich supporters will stay home in November 2014. A real democrat is a citizen registered as a democrat. Unless you and all of Rich’s ‘idiots’ refuse to change their minds, welcome newly Re-Elected GOP Governor Scott in January 2014. You want that?
    Dying on your sword means you are REALLY DEAD!!!

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