Demand Respect for Nan Rich for Governor vs. Charlie Crist

With Charlie Crist about to end the worst-kept secret in Florida politics and officially announce he’s running for governor as a Democrat, it’s important for the supporters of former State Senator Nan Rich to speak out. She has been running hard for months without getting much respect from either the party brass or the media. Re: the media, see Joanne Sterner’s plea below.

If you believe as I do that hard work and principled leadership are the most important thing, Nan Rich deserves your support. She is an articulate advocate for Democratic principles and brings none of the baggage that Crist would related to his frequently-changing stands on every issue.

Don’t get me wrong, BlueBroward is available as a promotional platform to Crist and his supporters, despite my editorializing (see site policy). If Crist is the ultimate nominee, I won’t hesitate to vote for him over Rick Scott. Crist undoubtedly wins on name recognition, but I resent the assumption that the nomination is his for the taking because he was willing to change parties. Choosing Nan Rich will take more courage, and she needs all who support her to speak up now. Learn more at

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Chris Matthews of MSNBC has an e-mail address of:

Chris Matthews announced on Friday he is excited to have an interview with Charlie Crist Monday night after he announces..  I don’t believe he has ever reached out to Nan Rich who has been running and the only real Democrat in the race.  We need to let him know were’re not happy about this.

Send this email to all Nan’s Fans to write MSNBC about interviewing Nan Rich.



For background, video from a couple of months ago of Nan Rich discussing how she compares with Crist.

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25 thoughts on “Demand Respect for Nan Rich for Governor vs. Charlie Crist”

  1. We, those who live in Florida, have the most to lose in the gubernatorial election. Therefore, WE must make ourselves heard. NAN RICH has continuously fought on our behalf. Education, the elderly, children’s rights, the LGBT Community…all have reaped the rewards of her hard work. There are a LOT of political “consultants, campaign managers, and strategists” working hard to assure themselves a possible reward from their candidate, should that person be elected. The rest of us, we’re working to protect our environment, our public schools, our neighborhoods, and our rights. WE NEED TO BE HEARD!!! Do your part to promote Nan Rich for governor. We have a shot at good, honest government. Let’s not let it get away.

  2. Senator Nan Rich is a strong alternative to Crist for governor. Senator Rich is a lifelong, progressive Democrat who is knowledgeable about the issues in Florida. She has been campaigning throughout Florida for 18 months establishing strong grassroots support. She served 12 years in the Florida legislature, including 8 years in the Senate; the last two years in the Senate she served as the first woman minority leader. She was able to build coalitions to take on and defeat tough legislation like the Parent Trigger bill, prison privatization, and anti-choice bills. She will make a great governor, possibly the best. Everyone needs to take a look at Senator Rich. And remember that voters were told to support Crist for US Senate when he ran as an independent, because the Democrat couldn’t win. Now we have Marco Rubio. It’s time for a progressive leader to defeat Rick Scott and begin to undo all the damage he’s done to our state.

  3. Nana Rich and (family) are career politicians with no concern for Floridians. I had the Misfortune of attending a community meeting with Nan Rich and if memory serves me (which it does) very well by the way, she left a dismal impression on a group to residents who had come together for a meeting on a proposed construction project that would have displaced hundreds of Residents. She had no prior concept of the issue, knew little if nothing about the circumstances and details of the proposal but she sure morphed into campaign mode with the audience. She bragged of her recent trip to Israel, her lunch with the then Governor Crist (which she couldnt praise high enough by the way) and spent an hour patting herself on the back for basically taking the time to “hear” the concerns of the residents at which she excused herself for a “prior engagement”. You could have heard a pin drop and then residents looked at each other as if an alien had just dropped down from the sky. This woman Nan Rich doesnt give a damn about the people of Florida and she will like Debbie Wasserman Schultz disappear from any and all concerns of Floridians in her upward unwavering quest for self serving political power. How can you be so gullible

  4. Oh back to your original “Demand Respect for Nana Rich” I will be perfectly clear. I wouldnt reach for a water hose if Nan Rich was on fire.

  5. And, I would hope that if she were on fire, Nan would give Val, the angry good man lacking in good samaritan instincts, a big hug. Nan Rich stands for many things, most of which involve serving the best interests of teh people of Florida. No she is not perfect and I am sure that there are some stories. But how many politicians come along with values and political issues that would serve the best interests and needs of the people of Florida as a whole?

  6. It is not Nan Rich’s fault that Chris Matthews and other members of national media want to interview Charlie Crist, given Crist’s background on the national political stage, and his transition from Republican, to independent, to Democrat. That will not necessarily in the long run translate into an advantage for Crist.

    In 2008, Hillary Clinton started the Presidential campaign with a name recognition 30 percentage points higher than Barack Obama’s, and quite a few Democrats presumed the nomination would be hers for the asking. Hillary actually won more total votes in all primaries combined, yet the Obama campaign out-organized hers by focusing in great part on states selecting delegates through conventions and other non-direct methods.

    A lot of things can and will happy between now and the gubernatorial primary next year. I will venture to say that appearances on Matthew’s and other national programs will prove to be irrelevant, and Nan Rich’s supporters should focus their energies on what really matters – winning the hearts and minds of a majority of FL voters next year.

  7. Thank you, Robert Muniz…Your comment says exactly what Nan Rich supporters need to concentrate on…Oakland Park…you have some very wise people in your midst!!!

  8. Jeff writes “the angry good man lacking in good samaritan instincts, a big hug.” umm not only did you “attempt” to insult me, you insulted every woman who disagrees with your political stance. What YOU did JEFF, was insinuate that “women” need a good man to garner any valid political opinion. I’ll go on the assumption JEFF “you probably dont lack for any “Good Men” a great deal of your time.

  9. Val, just a suggestion. You made your point. You do yourself no service to beat it to death. We will choose the candidate we think is most suitable. But remember that after the primaries we need to be united.

    For the record, I support Sen. Nan Rich, but I wouldn’t go spreading vile on any opponent. Think about it.

  10. “Nan Rich has best fundraising quarter yet, but needs much, much more.
    October 11, 2013|By Anthony Man, Sun Sentinel
    Democratic candidate for governor Nan Rich of Weston just finished the best three months of fundraising of her year-and-a-half old campaign, but she needs to raise lots more money to avoid questions about the long-term viability of her candidacy.
    Just-filed campaign reports show Rich took in $58,737 in cash and in-kind contributions of goods and services in the three months that ended Sept. 30, up from an average of $39,134 during the five previous quarters since Rich announced her candidacy.”

    Let’s see: $58,737.00 divided by 13 weeks equals $4,518.23 a week. And GOP Governor Scott may spend $150,000,000.00 of his own money for re-election. HHHMMMMMMMMMM………. In politics: MONEY DOES TALK!!!!! Whether you like it or not.

  11. What is a real Democrat? Excellent question. How about a citizen registered as a Democrat? Sounds simple enough for me. I am a member of the Democratic Club of Wynmoor in Coconut Creek. As there are now two declared democratic candidates for the Office of Governor, I suggested at the last month’s Board Meeting that each of them, and all future candidates, be invited to speak at our monthly club meetings. One would think that would be an easy idea to accept and take place. But President Ronny Sydney did bring up the subject of a “Real Democrat.” She talked about a lifelong Democrat as her idea of who a “Real Democrat” is. Very strange. Very sad. For a political Party that does not have a single elected statewide official outside of US Senator Nelson, we do not have the luxury of debating who is a “Real Democrat” and who is not. Under GOP Governor Rick Scott the state’s unemployment rate has fallen from 11.1% in December 2010 down to October 2013 of 6.7%. That is a drop of 39.64%. Anyone here think that any Democratic candidate for Governor will have an easy election in November 2014? Easy answer: Dream On!! And I think not!!!! Don’t forget that Governor Scott may be willing to use $150,000,000.00 of his own money for re-election. Mr. Ronald Reagan was once a registered Democrat and a President of a union. I don’t think the Republican Party ever cried about the fact that they whole-heartedly accepted Mr. Reagan as their twice nominee for the office of President of the United States. Also, the number of Independents registered in Florida may soon overtake the number of registered Democrats. So will everyone please stop talking of who is a “Real Democrat” is. And this includes the leaders of our Party; no matter how large or small their groups are. Losing another election will surely occur if only lifelong Democrats are nominated to be our party’s leaders.

  12. Well Janet, if Val is a registered voter he / she / it has a right to speak.

    Hey Val, what are you? 57% have voted you to be an ‘it’.

  13. This website is intended as a platform for promoting Dems, but I don’t want to be deleting comments or banning people just because I disagree with them.

  14. HERE IT IS!!!

    I have reported that in the 3rd quarter of 2013 MS Nan Rich could not even raise $3,900.00 a week. Now please read this on December 10, 2013 from the Gov. Crist web site: “And today, I’m humbled to announce that between Charlie Crist for Florida and our campaign, we raised about 3 million dollars in just over three weeks. More than 3,500 of you contributed directly to our campaign. You are incredible. Thank you.”

    $1,000,000.00 a week for Charlie.

    Now I know the Rich supporters will come out of the woodwork and say: “Nan has the volunteers! She does not need no stinking money.”
    Good luck.

    Last month and this month I signed up on MS Rich’s web site. Two months = two sign ups. I checked off the area for volunteers both times. I wrote in both times: “How can I volunteer?” NO ONE HAS RETURNED AN ANSWER TO MY QUESTION. I live in Broward Country – rich in Democratic voters.

    Where are the famous Rich organizers?

    Nan Rich
    To Me
    Today at 11:12 AM
    header image
    Dear joel,
    The numbers are being tallied every month and the results so far are indisputable: Rick Scott’s “Let’s Get to Work” 7-7-7 Economic Plan isn’t working like he said it would – not even close.
    Over the past three days, the Miami Herald and Tampa Bay Times published a detailed study of Rick Scott’s campaign promises vs. reality. Specifically, they examined his promise to create 700,000 more jobs in 7 years than economists had already predicted. Well, the reality is that Rick Scott appears to have had little impact on job growth in Florida – period!
    In fact, the newspapers quoted retired University of Florida economist David Denslow saying, “Florida is going to come nowhere near exceeding normal job growth by 700,000 jobs in seven years no matter how you define it or time it.”
    But Rick Scott has given all of us one important job to do next November: Make him a 1-term governor! And when it comes to that job – I’m the first to say, “Let’s get to work!”
    Click here to help Nan Rich make Rick Scott a 1-term governor!
    We could have created tens of thousands of new jobs by investing in high-speed rail and accepting Medicaid Expansion. As governor, I would have pushed for both of those initiatives. Rick Scott didn’t.
    It’s time for a progressive Democrat to lead Florida. I believe I am that true progressive Democrat!
    You can help me get Florida back on the right track.
    Your contribution, in any amount, will definitely make a difference! Please click here to donate to our campaign. You can also help by forwarding this email to your all of you friends, family, and co-workers and ask them to be part of our campaign.
    Thank you for your support!

    Nan Rich
    “Stand with Nan!” Click HERE to support Nan Rich’s campaign for governor.”

    That was from her web site today. She denies the 440,000 jobs that have been created since Gov Scott took office, according to the newspaper article I listed earlier. Where is her honesty? What is her employment figure since GOV Scott took office? Refuse to work and give any money to her until she answers.

  16. Poll taken on December 12, 2013:
    “On its face, a new poll from St. Leo University showing Democrat Charlie Crist leading Gov. Rick Scott by a 46-34 margin is great for Democrats.
    Accordingly, the Florida Democratic Party pounced.
    “Rick Scott began 2013 hoping for political rejuvenation. According to the only judgment that matters — the people of Florida — he clearly failed,” Joshua Karp, a party spokesman, wrote in an email after the poll’s Thursday release.”

    I looked to see if there was another poll: Rich vs Scott. Still looking. I have found nothing. I guess the leaders of this poll didn’t think there was a need to spend the money on a Rich vs Scott poll. Just reporting the facts!

  17. Joel, Why do you continue to talk down Nan. If charlie was as popular as you think he has nothing to worry about. You are whipping your horse with a big lead. you look back and tremble whenever the longshot inches up. You are so afraid of Nan that you keep repeating yourself. Do you have some kind of relationship with Charlie that you would like to announce?

  18. What else is she going to do? Seriously she HAS to blow out Scott’s candle so her’s shines brighter, the problem with that is her entire career has been so dimly lit I cant off the top of my head think of anything of consequense she has accomplished other than put (D) in front of her name. Nan Rich is not ready for prime time and never will be. She hasnt held a real job. I am sick to death of career polticians who want to run the world and their only claim to fame is they show up to speak at women’s garden parties. At the end of the day Scott has nothing to worry about, He has accomplished more than Crist and Rich has and done less damage than these two have.

  19. A troll a White sheet? are you kidding? It must be disheartening to your party to be as predictable as you are. Yes I am a registered Voter, Yes I have followed Nan Rich for many years, Yes I was born and bred in Florida and barely survived under Crist. You still dont seem to get the idea that Florida is YOUR state. Its where YOUR children will grow to raise their Children. If the truth were told and you took the preface of (D) and or (R) away from a candidate’s name you would have no choice but to vote for Rick Scott for a second term. Who cares whether you would sit next to him at a dinner party, he has steered this state in a positive direction (despite) the overwhelming mis-steps and sheer incompetency of the Obama Administration. Yet what do YOU want to do? For every step forward Florida has taken you not only want to take us back 2 steps, you want to decimate this state with broken policies and expensive (fixes) that have proven to be disasterous. Sometimes one does have to ask, what planet did some of you drop down from? As cliche’ as it sounds. quit trying to fix something that isnt broke!!If your looking for perfection out of any Candidate I hate to be the one to break it to you, but it doesnt exist but My Gosh how much of a masochist do you have to be to vote for Rich or Crist??

  20. Good ol’ Joe, Nan announce around “Apr 18, 2012 – A state senator from South Florida says she will run against Governor Rick Scott in 2014.” That was 20 months ago. Who is she? Money does talk in politics. Where are her TV campaign ads? Gov Scott’s followers already have TV ads out. She cannot raise more than $600.00 a day!!!! Please name any heavy weights that have endorsed her. Some heavyweights have already endorsed Hillary for 2016. Think about that. This month in about 2 weeks the amounts of money that Charlie and Nan will have collected in the 4th quarter of 2013 will be announced. Please list these amounts when you first read about them. What different plans does she talk about that her predecessor did not talk about 4 years ago?
    Joe, you wrote: “You are so afraid of Nan that you keep repeating yourself.” Where am I afraid of her? When did I ever say that? You are sounding like a GOP Tea Bagger – making up lies about me. How low can you get!!!!! You watch Hardball on MSNBC NEWS, right? Why do they have polls of Charlie against Scott? And NEVER a poll of Nan against Scott? Please answer that
    simple question.
    You wrote: “Do you have some kind of relationship with Charlie that you would like to announce?” Sure. I have none. Are you her cousin?
    Why are you so afraid to ask me for the name of the President of the Democratic Club of Wynmoor and request that she invite Nan and Charlies to speak at out monthly club meetings? There are about 9,000 residents here – vastly Democrats. VP Biden came to speak here in 2012. She has been a declared candidate for some 20 months and WHO IS SHE??????
    Charlie has the words: Former GOVERNOR in front of his name.
    Gov Scott created 183,100 jobs in the last official Federal Department of Labor report. I am waiting to hear Nan say: “That number is way too low. Here are my plans to raise that number to 250,000.”
    Gov Scott cut the unemployment rate last year by 20% according to the last official Federal Department of Labor report. I am waiting to hear Nan say: “That number is way too low. Here are my plans to raise that rate by 30%.”

  21. Val, who ever you are or what ever you are, when you wrote this: “She hasnt held a real job. I am sick to death of career polticians who want to run the world and their only claim to fame is they show up to speak at women’s garden parties.” You have failed to read history. JFK win his first election in Boston running for Congress by attending numerous tea parties that his mother and his sisters ran. He never held any job in Boston before that. The same with Nixon. He also never had any job before he ran for Congress. Both of them both reminded the voters that they both served in the Navy. Val, I guess you were a huge support of GOP Tea Bagger Joe the Plumber. Even though he never obtained a plumber’s license!!!!

  22. Val, when you wrote: “Yes I was born and bred in Florida” where on the Evolutionary Chart are your parents listed? After what species and before what species? I admire you for writing in here, but how did you “barely survived under Crist.”? Did he arrest you and fail to feed you? Did he send you off onto a tiny island in the Everglades with 7 others and you all had to play “Lord of the Flys.”?
    “despite) the overwhelming mis-steps and sheer incompetency of the Obama Administration.” Val. Val. Val. please read these facts:
    December 31, 2013, read the FACTS:
    Black POTUS Obama’s Market Increases are:
    Obama’s DOW UP 108.54%;
    Obama’s S&P UP 129.57%
    Obama’s NASDAQ UP 189.87%
    GOP w’s Market Decreases:
    w’s DOW DOWN (24.85%)
    w’s S &P DOWN (40.06%)
    w’s NASDAQ DOWN (48.00%)
    DOW at its ALL TIME HIGH!!!!
    S & P had its Best Year Since 1997!

    GOP TEA BAGGERS, read the FACTS: Black POTUS Obama’s Unemployment Rate is LOWER than GOP w’s Last Month’s Unemployment Rate!
    Official Federal Department of Labor Monthly Unemployment Rates:
    Feb 2001 – First full month of Bush’s unemployment rate was 4.2%.
    January 2009 – Last month of Bush’s unemployment rate was 7.8%.
    Feb 2009 – First full month of Obama’s unemployment rate was 8.3%.
    November 2013 – Latest month of Obama’s unemployment rate is 7.0%.
    Bush’s rates: Jan 2009 was 7.8% minus Feb 2001 was 4.2% = 3.6% increase.
    3.6 / 4.2 = 85.71% The Official Unemployment Rate INCREASED by 85.71% under Bush. TERRIBLE!!!!!
    Obama’s rates: November 2013 was 7.0 minus Feb 2009 was 8.3% = (1.3%) decrease.
    (1.3) / 8.3 = (15.66% ) The Official Unemployment Rate has DECREASED by (15.66%) under Obama. GREAT!!!!
    Obama’s Unemployment Rate today of 7.0% is LESS than Bush’s last month’s Unemployment Rate of (7.8%)

    Val. Val. Val.
    You have so much to learn.

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