Free Tools for Democratic Candidates, Campaigns

BlueBroward was created as a free resource for Democratic candidates and campaigns, and I wish more people would take advantage of them.

In particular, I encourage campaigns to take advantage of:

  • Campaign listings – create a page on that describes your campaign and provides links to other resources about your campaign, such as your own website or a donation page. Even if you have a great website of your own, this gives you another link pointing to it, and another way of sending people to it. If you’re running a low-budget campaign and don’t have your own campaign website, this is a way to establish a basic web presence.
  • Event listings – post local campaign events to BlueBroward. You may be posting them to your own website and to Facebook, but this is another way of drawing a crowd.
  • Blog – The blog is set up so any member can create posts. Post your positions here. Post links to newspaper op-eds you’ve published or that mention your campaign. Encourage supporters to post messages of endorsement. I have editorial control over the blog and the calendar but have always exercised it with a very light touch (see: editorial policies).

BlueBroward runs on a version of WordPress, a popular blogging tool, with my own add-ons for managing events and campaign listings. This means that the same tools for formatting posts and uploading images (or documents such as PDFs) are available across the blog editor, event editor, and campaign editor — once you get the hang of them, you can apply the same techniques to all. The key differences are that you need to set an event date and time for events, and specify the election date and seat you’re running for in the form fields of a campaign listing, whereas neither would apply to a blog post.

If you run into technical issues while posting to the site, I’m available to help:

Author: David F. Carr

BlueBroward webmaster