Adding a Campaign Roundup Email

To make BlueBroward’s free services to campaigns more useful, I am starting a second email roundup of campaign profiles posted to the website starting Monday. It will go out every week, if new campaign profiles have been posted to the site since the last update.

In addition to providing a pointer to the campaign’s own website or Facebook page, I encourage candidates to use their BlueBroward profile to publicize their volunteer needs.

This an experiment. Suggestions on how to make it better are welcome.

Note: I created the basic stub of a profile for Nan Rich’s campaign but will gladly assign editing rights to an official campaign representative. There are only a couple of campaigns that have created their own listing on the website so far. I’m interested to see whether that will change.

Author: David F. Carr

BlueBroward webmaster

4 thoughts on “Adding a Campaign Roundup Email”

  1. There is no great STATE WIDE interest yet for the Governor election.
    Yet GOP Scott has cut the state’s unemployment rate by 39.6% and the state has added 440,000 new jobs. MS Nan Rich CANNOT get credit for this.
    Like I wrote in the above article, whether it is good news or bad news the Governor will receive the credit or the blame. This economic news is very good / excellent and automatically goes to the GOP Governor of the state.

    Yes, life is not fair. But with no name recognition of MS Nan Rich, the DEMS have their work set out for them to do something.

  2. Look at the Miami Herald series on the holes in Scott’s jobs claims “Many promises, few jobs” read it here.

    Joel, are you making an argument in favor of Rick Scott?

    I the Nan Rich vs. Charlie Crist debate, I’m not interested in bashing anyone. I still think if Nan Rich can overcome the challenge of becoming more widely known, she could be the stronger general election candidate. In the end, I’ll be more interested in voting for whichever Dem proves best able to win.

  3. “In the end, I’ll be more interested in voting for whichever Dem proves best able to win.” David, I totally agree with you. Any Dem will be better that GOP Gov. Scott. But Dems need to accept the facts that last year Scott’s unemployment rate went DOWN by (20%). (Federal Department of Labor as I stated in another article.) And that 183,100 new jobs were created in Florida under GOP Gov. Scott. (Federal Department of Labor as I stated in another article.) Yes we all prefer well paid jobs to be created in Florida. But if you are waiting in a long and slow line at the checkout area at a Publix, you really do want a low paid cashier to pop up and open up another aisle. And when I read that Colt Manufacturing has not created their promised 63 new jobs, (SIXTY THREE!!!!.) Let me repeat that: Sixty three new jobs in Florida, all Dems get so excited and believe this sole issue will allow a DEM to beat Scott in November 2014. hahahahhahahahahahahha. Scott created 183,100 new jobs in 2013 and the Dems are stating:”Where are those promised 63 new jobs? We gave money to Colt in tax beaks and cash. Where are those 63 new jobs?”
    Scott says the state now has a $853,000,000.00 surplus. Nan Rich is going to say: “That is not enough!!”? Get real. As long as Hardball on national TV only shows polls of Charlie against Scott and no poll taken of Nan against Scott; Nan is in DEEP TROUBLE!!!!! Please accept these facts. Nan needs to come up with a unique and explosive issue against Scott. (Not against Charlie.) She needs to get publicity. She declared her run for Governor, what about a year ago, and NO ONE outside of the few dedicated Dems knows who she is. TRUE? TRUE!!!!!

    “Joel, are you making an argument in favor of Rick Scott?” I am making the facts about the economy of Florida under GOP Governor Scott has been quite incredible to the positive. Even Nan has never said: “I can do better.” Right? Right!!!
    As POTUS FRD said: “Don’t change horses in mid-stream.”
    David, I appreciate your comments. Even the ones ‘against’ me. But Nan needs a specific campaign issue that ONLY she can run on. Where is it? What is it? Soon the 4th quarterly campaign amounts of raised money will be coming out. She only raised about $3,500.00 a week in the past 12 weeks. If she does not improve GREATLY; kiss her campaihn GOD-BYE.


    YOU BETCHA!!!!!!

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