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Sharing photos and videos can be be a great way to get your message out, add interest to your posts and events, and build a sense of community for your campaign or cause. If you have an office opening or rally, consider sharing a photo gallery or a video in a blog post on the website. As always, I reserve the right to exercise editorial control but try to do so with a light touch.

You can also add images to your event listings (I’d ask that you limit yourself to a single image, not too large).

To upload one or more images, click the Add Media button on the editor, which will open the utility you use to upload and select images and other media (you would also use this to upload a PDF, such as a flyer or ticket order form, and insert a link into your post).

Here’s where you will find that button:

Add Media button
Add Media button

The Insert Media utility allows you to select from previously uploaded images or click the Upload Files tab to upload new ones. Once you have uploaded or selected the images you want to include, click the Insert Into Post button. You can see a more detailed tutorial on

Note that if you select multiple photos, then Insert Into Post, they will be inserted one after another. Alternately, you can click the Create Gallery link, select the photos you want to include, and then click Insert Gallery. The images will be displayed in a gallery format with the option to click to see them displayed larger.

Pick from library or upload photos, then click Insert Into Post

This video shows how to create a gallery (the essentials are in the first few minutes before the narrator starts to talk about adding special effects):

The easiest way to share a video is to upload it into YouTube and then embed the video in your blog post.

Here is how to share a video from YouTube (or similar service):

Short version: You should just be able to paste a YouTube web address into the body of the post, and the website software will insert the video player in that spot.

How to Delete An Image

To remove an image from a post, or change the size, alignment, or caption, click on it to display the edit icon (the Pencil) or the delete icon (the X). To delete the image click on the X. You can then add a different image, if appropriate. Click the Update button to save and publish your changes.


Note that deleting an image from the post does not remove it from the Media Library – it’s still available on the server, just not referenced in your post any longer.If for some reaons it’s important to delete it completely, you can click the Add Media button to go into the Media Library and delete it permanently.



Author: David F. Carr

BlueBroward webmaster

2 thoughts on “Sharing Photos, Photo Galleries, or Video on”

  1. Although you can include images in your event postings, I recommend using them as an accent rather than the whole message. Here’s why:

    This is what the event looks like when received in an email, where the image doesn’t load properly (either because of a network error or because of cybersecurity restrictions). Many of the people who receive the BlueBroward event roundup by email won’t take the time to look up the version on the website. Images on the web don’t always load properly, either, so it’s good to have the basic when / where details spelled out in the text. Use images for the photos of speakers or graphical information such as a map of the event location (although a Google map link would be better in many cases).

    Another reason to include some text as part of your event or blog post is so search engines like Google will index it — information presented in an image won’t be, so you don’t get the benefit of people finding you through search.

    I understand the marketing instinct is to preserve the layout, colors, and images of the nice event flyer you created, rather than settle for basic web formatting, but consider the tradeoffs.

    Another approach is to create a PDF of your event flyer and upload that. It won’t appear in the body of the message (that’s not how PDFs work), but you’ll be able to insert a link to the document, giving people something they can download, print, and post.

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