Endorsing Bob Mayersohn for School Board

First, a reminder that any BlueBroward member is welcome to post endorsements or opinions (on any topic that fits the editorial guidelines) on this blog. Few members take me up on the offer, but it is an open offer. From time to time, I also weigh in on elections I feel strongly about.

Robert (“Bob”) Mayersohn just got the Sun-Sentinel endorsement for School Board District 4, and it’s about time. In the last election, they endorsed his opponent Abby Freedman in a messy multi-way race. I thought she was the least qualified candidate in that race, except for her willingness to spend a lot of her own money. But it worked for her: she is now the incumbent defending her seat. Abby Freedman’s actions as a school board member have often seemed random, and she alienated a great many of her constituents in Parkland with a poorly thought through school redistricting proposal. She is beatable.

Bob Mayersohn was always well qualified for a School Board post, with a long record as a parent activist and participant on school district committees (see BobForBroward.com). He has had to learn the skills related to being a good candidate the hard way, but he has them now. (He could still use your contributions, given his opponent’s record of spending her way to victory).

Below, I’ve included excerpts from his most recent email appeal:

With 10 days to go before the AUGUST 26TH ELECTION I need your help and support to get the vote out.

Endorsement Highlights

Sun Sentinel Editorial Board
Broward Teachers Union
Broward Police Benevolent Association
Broward 10-13 NYC Retired Police
Broward County Council of Professional Fire Fighters
Metro-Broward Professional Fire Fighters Local 3080
The Hispanic Vote
National Federation of Public and Private Employees-AFL-CIO
Broward Gwen Cherry Chapter of the National Women’s Political Caucus of FL**.
(dedicated to elect women to political office has recommended my candidacy over my female opponent)
Democracy For America-Broward
Broward County Property Appraiser Lori Parrish
State Senator Jeremy Ring
City of Parkland Mayor-Michael Udine
City of Parkland Commissioner-Stacy Kagan
City of Parkland Commissioner-David Rosenof
City of Coral Springs Commissioner-Claudette Bruck
Margate Mayor-Lesa Peerman
Margate Vice-Mayor Joanne Simone
Margate Commissioner Frank Talerico
Tamarac Commissioner Diane Glasser
Coconut Creek Mayor Lisa Aronson

Author: David F. Carr

BlueBroward webmaster