Why I voted for Nan Rich anyway

I am sad but not surprised that Nan Rich did not win the Democratic primary for governor. The math her supporters used to explain how she was going to win reminded me of this, from science cartoonist Sydney Harris:

There’s a bigger argument, not really worth dwelling on at this point, about why the odds stacked up the way they did. There are many people in Broward who had a deeper emotional stake in the Nan Rich campaign than I did, and I wouldn’t blame them for being bitter — except that it is important that they set that aside and work for Democratic victory in November. Still, I believe Charlie Crist could have shown more decency and respect in the way he pursued his campaign, rather than pretending the primary was over before it had begun.

That was the biggest reason I voted for Nan Rich, even understanding that a victory for her would require some sort of miracle.

I accept that Charlie Crist is a strong candidate for November — and that many good Democrats either liked him all along or simply believe he presents the party’s best hope of victory over Rick Scott.

Curiously, just before primary day, I received the following email:

David —

As one of our best supporters, we’re saving a spot for you at the primary night reception with Charlie, Annette, and the team.

All you have to do is claim your free ticket today:


Just add your name to let us know you want to come. We’ll follow up with info on how to pick up your ticket.

See you Tuesday!

Charlie Crist for Governor 2014

Funny, I’m impressed by the Crist campaign machine on many levels, but if the web team knows enough to personalize this message with my name, shouldn’t they know that I am not “one of our best supporters”? Not yet, anyway.


Author: David F. Carr

BlueBroward webmaster

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  1. NEWSFLASH: The primary was over before it began. There had been no “pretending” going on there.

    Yes, I blame them for “being bitter.” Totally. 100%. There is no excuse for that at all- whatsoever. Bitterness is NO WAY to run a campaign. It’s way past time for Democrats around here to learn that lesson.

    Of course you’re one of their best supporters. They simply have been far more realistic, far more acute about Democratic activists and more accommodating of your whims than you have.

  2. “I am not “one of our best supporters”?”

    Are you now?

    Please write that you will be working for Charlie as hard you would have if Nan won the primary.

    Words do have consequences. Please allow us to see your printed words!

  3. I will work to elect Charlie Crist. The point I was making there is more about online tactics and phony personalization. A smart campaign would reserve the “best supporters” message for those who really have been working hard for it and have a different message for people who might still need to be convinced. All I am to them right now is an email address on a list. Not that I see many campaigns do that well.

  4. No, David. You are and have been one of Charlie’s best supporters. You’re in the DEC, you run BlueBroward and you promote voting Democrat. You’ll be voting for Charlie and you always were, and the primary was over before it began between Nan and Charlie, and there never was any pretending about it except from Nan herself, who always knew better. I had supported Nan 100 percent until her campaign and her core supporters became entirely about bitterness and resentment. That was no way to run a campaign and I deem it entirely unprofessional. She got about 24 percent too much of the vote. At least she didn’t embarrass some of us by winning Broward- because she didn’t… win Broward, that is.


    Davidson states she will NOT work to defeat GOP Governor Rick Scott!

    Davidson needs to RESIGN immediately as one of the top officers of the Broward Democratic Party as the county’s state Democratic committeewoman.

    From today’s Sun Sentinel newspaper, Davidson will NOT work to help elect Mr. Charlie Crist:

    “Democratic leaders say their party is unified behind Crist

    By Anthony Man, Sun Sentinel
    9:30 p.m. EDT, August 28, 2014


    Not all of Rich’s supporters are as enthusiastic. Maggie Davidson — one of the top officers of the Broward Democratic Party as the county’s state Democratic committeewoman — was in the audience, but not smiling. She was a strong Rich supporter in the primary. “It’s going to take a while,” Davidson said. “It’ll be hard for me because I always thought she was the best candidate and I still believe that.”

    Davidson said she’d vote for Crist and she thinks other Democrats should vote for him as well. However, she’s likely to devote her energy to working on other Democratic campaigns.”


    You have just read the facts. Davidson will NOT work to elect Democrat Mr. Charlie Crist. MS MAGGIE DAVIDSON IS A TURNCOAT REPUBLICAN!!!!

    Davidson needs to resign IMMEDIATELY as one of the top officers of the Broward Democratic Party as the county’s state Democratic committeewoman. Her comments are a total disgrace. She needs to resign immediately. I bet the GOP will use her comments and make a TV commercial showing how disunited us Democrats are. And it will all be Davidson’s fault. All Democrats should demand her immediate resignation.

    On the day Governor Rick Scott is sworn in again as our GOP governor will invited Davidson be standing right next to him???

    Leave Maggie Leave. You are not a true Democrat. I stated this earlier and I am proven right.


    We all need a more dynamic, dedicated, younger, enthusiastic, caring and honest Democratic Broward County committeewoman immediately. All true-blue Democrats need to call, fax and e-mail U.S. Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz of Weston, chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee and Mr. Mitch Ceasar, chairman Broward County Democratic Party insisting they remove Davidson TODAY.

    Otherwise re-elected GOP Governor Rick Scott will be the creation mainly due to one person in our great State of Florida:


  6. Susan, chill out. Give people some time to adjust to the new reality. You only drive people away from the party when you demand unquestioning loyalty from thinking people.

    We all have a right to decide which candidates we will work hardest for based on how those candidates have treated us and the people we care about. Charlie could have been more of a class act than he was and won a cleaner victory, leaving less wreckage in his path.

    Maggie will work for the ticket, and I suspect she will work harder for Crist even than this account might suggest. But the fact is any volunteer, or any party leader, is going to be a more effective advocate for a candidate they support wholeheartedly, rather than only because they have to.

    If Crist loses, you will be complaining about the Nan fans, and they will be second guessing the party power broker’s decision that the best way to defeat a Republican governor was with a former Republican governor. Let’s focus on avoiding the need to have that conversation. Starting early on the infighting is the surest way to ensure a bad outcome.

  7. David, you have offered a good number of points to consider. But it was Davidson that stated very clearly she will not support Mr. Charlie Crist for Governor. She stated very clearly that she will work on others on the ballot; but not for the top of our ballot. Mr. Carr, in your heart you know I am right. Please write an open letter here to Davidson right now. Inform her that she should NOT act like a little spoiled girl who takes the attitude: “I am going home with my kick-ball; so that none of you can play with it.” Where is the true UNITY on Davidson’s part? Where is the True Blue Democrat in Davidson’s soul? Do you see it? For I certainly don’t. Davidson has yet to identify what candidates she will be working for. Why is that? I sense her comment is a very poor excuse of a cover-up of her planned desire NOT to work for Mr. Charlie Crist.

    David, you wrote: “I suspect she will work harder for Crist even than this account might suggest.” From what Davidson has actually said, I unfortunately do not believe she will follow your excellent statement. David, I sense that you have Davidson’s phone number and e-mail. That information is very public. PLEASE call and write to her today. Ask her if she has calmed down enough to state PUBLICLY that she will SUPPORT AND WORK FOR MR. CHARLIE CRIST. If she refuses to; we all honest, caring and dedicated Democrats will know the truth of that turncoat Republican Maggie Davidson.


    Absentee ballots are being mailed out on September 30, 2014 according to Dr. Snipe’s office. In just 32 days, starting on October 1, 2014, voters will be marking their ballots for Governor and all other offices. When is Davidson going to admit her mistake and state she is wholeheartedly going to support OUR legally Democratic Governor Primary WINNER Mr. Charlie Crist for Governor?

    On November 4, 2014? hahahahahahhahahahahahhhahhaha

    Hey Davidson, that maybe a bit TOO LATE!!!

  8. Charlie has been a class act. I think that he’s been marvelous ever since he had formally announced his candidacy.

  9. Andrew I totally agree with you. Every complaint and mud-packed issue that was thrown at him; Charlie knocked out of the ball park. Look at the final vote count. When your opponent only earns JUST 25% of the vote, and loses by 50%; no candidate needs to debate that opponent!!! The voters of Florida have spoken. After traveling over 140,000 miles for 2 years should be a good running start of MS Nan Rich to continue and campaign for Charlie Crist. If Nan does not work as hard and often as if she had won the Primary; thru Election Day on November 4, 2014; she will be a great disappointment in my eyes. A true Democrat works for the legally Primary winner. It is imperative that Nan and MS Maggie Davidson gather their voters together and say: “Nan ran a hard fought campaign. Democrats all over the state have voted. We have accepted the voters opinion. Please join both of us, every day thru November 4, 2014 and campaign for Charlie Crist; as if you would have as if I had won. I expect all of you to accept my defeat. We all need to move on. Work on. Gather together and defeat GOP Scott. That was our goal two years ago. And that is our goal today, tomorrow and thru November 4, 2014. Are you all with us? I CAN”T HEAR YOU!!!!! ARE YOU ALL WITH US? YES? GREAT!!!!”

    (I would love to see Nan and Maggie’s schedules for the next 10 weeks!)

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