Phone Banking for Charlie Crist in NorthEast Broward

We are organizing a Charlie Crist phone bank 3 times a week from my office in Deerfield Beach.  (My office is right off I-95 and Hillsboro Blvd)    We meet once on the weekend and twice during the week.  Anyone interested in helping out is free to contact me and I will provide the exact times for the week.  We need to get the maximum number of Democrats to vote from home this November so that we can get rid of Rick.


Law Office of Darren Covar

10 Fairway Drive, Suite 202

Deerfield Beach, 33441

2 thoughts on “Phone Banking for Charlie Crist in NorthEast Broward”

  1. Thanks for sharing this. The blog is always open to activists seeking to recruit volunteers for the cause. I wish more people would take advantage of it.

  2. Why vote between 2 known liars? Florida, we are fortunate enough not to
    be stuck picking one liar or the other this time. We actually have an
    alternative. Take advantage of the opportunity. Adrian Wyllie deserves
    my vote. He is a honest average Floridian just as you and I , that is
    willing to stand up and do something for the interest of all of us here
    in Florida. The other candidates both Republican and Democrat are owned
    and controlled by special interest, like puppets and will lie to your
    face to gain your vote, then continue the same old agenda that we
    complain about year after year. Time to get off this merry-go-round,
    election after election, thinking it will be any different. Take a
    stand, vote for the candidate that loves this state and is willing to
    take time out of his life, effort and money to SERVE the people of
    Florida and stop voting for these ‘paid for’ career politicians that are
    only out for money and fame and have zero interest in us Floridians.
    Even if it’s just for honesty alone, vote for Adrian Wyllie instead of
    the other two (Scott/Crist) which are proven liars. The choice is yours
    and yours alone, if you want the same old corruption and slap in the
    face, go ahead and vote for one of the two puppets (Scott/Crist) OR do
    what is right for our (yours and your children’s) future and vote for
    Adrian Wyllie. Support him by donating to his campaign, spreading the
    word and contribute to the super brochure program which I think is very
    powerful. Visit his website today.
    Vote Bill Wohlsifer for Florida Attorney General.

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